#QSTOP10 — Top 10 of 2020

As observed in last year’s edition, “This is just a Vine compilation with a bunch of bangers tacked on to the end.”

Like usual, particular weight was placed on tricks that were heavy on the #repost circuit, discussed on group chats, and — gasp! — brought up in human conversation this past year. It leans heavy on huckery towards the end, but in a year that contained so much staring out into the abyss — when given the chance to look away and towards a lipslide into a cement wall, or a front 3 off an over head-high wall into another almost-wall — the huckers gave our hearts reason to beat ♥

Guessing #1 should be easy ;)


Intros via every #QSTOP10 from the past year [link]
10) Barney Page via IG [link]
9) Alexis Sablone via Cons’ Seize the Seconds video [link]
8) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift – Episode 11” [link]
7) Cyrus Bennett via Stussy’s How Original video [link]
6) Alexis Ramirez via Sk8mafia’s “2020 Promo” video [link]
5) Hyun Kummer via Flytecc’s “Hyun On The Beat” part [link]
4) Pedro Delfino via “Spitfire” part [link]
3) Mason Silva via “Spitfire Part” [link]
2) Zane Timpson via FFFound part [link]
1) Brandon Turner via The Sk8mafia Video 2020 [link]


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  1. love that the consolation prize for missing the homie best of edit music is getting the top 10 intro of the year song.

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