Shoutout Pluto

Photo by Greg Navarro

It is impossible to overstate what a joy it is to watch John Gardner’s “Shoutout Earth” raw files. From the close calls, to the spot selection, to his general ability to use his superpowers to do the type of shit that only Jawn Gardner could do — raw files get dropped out of a literal waterfall these days, but this one is a special watch ❤️ (John’s QS interview from 2017 is still a favorite.)

Love a homie video that ends with a …bar fight :) Rock Bottom II by Reilly Schlitt is a very fun watch. Entirely filmed in New York, heavy on the downtown Brooklyn spots, smiles all around.

Andrew Reynolds spoke to Village Psychic about the politics of having a signature trick.

Jenkem spoke to the Orchard Skateshop crew up in Boston about finally reopening their store after COVID closures + has a premiere of a welcome edit for their new teamriders, Zak Papastoris and Connor Noll, which includes cameos from just about every current Orchard head you can think of. This is the first Boston edit in memory that has absolutely zero Eggs clips maybe?

The Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Grandma Skateboards just dropped a Trip to New York edit that hits all the staples. Bigspin front nose on Pyramid was 🔥

11 minutes of Kyle Wilson loosies + b-sides!

28 minutes (!!!) of Ishod loosies + b-sides!

You’ve heard of skaters filming parts while working a full-time job, but what about skaters who have filmed parts on their lunch break?

Fred Gall runs covert ops to skate a full-pipe in the New Jersey wilderness.

There’s three chapters of Carl Aikens and Hosea Peters raw files up on YouTube via Daniel Policelli — Part 1, part 2, part 3. Even by end-of-summer standards, this is an insanely productive month.

A bit out of the typical skate site coverage-sphere: The “DVA” edit from the SID crew out of the Czech and Slovak republics is full of incredible skateboarding + different spots (well, there’s a 2-minute stopover at Stalin Plaza) + the post-trick grandma celebration that everybody loves.

QS Sports Desk Play Commentary of the Week 🏀 — “He got traded, he’s healthy now.”

Quote of the Week 🗣 “She was sick, she had a Flamboy tattoo and the same birthday as me.” — Sweet Waste, re: his child’s former babysitter


  1. Permanent concrete DIY obstacles in the middle of Tompkins? TF? Please excuse my double entendre.

  2. bro if we built a concrete thing in the center of tompkins that shit would get ripped out of the ground by parks in 24 hours tops and they’d take all the other shit with it out of spite

  3. tompkins is already BARELY allowed by parks, they were supposed to rip it up and turn it into a soccer field or something like 3 years ago. DO NOT PUT PREMANENT OBSTACLES THERE, IT WILL MAKE THE CITY CRACKDOWN.

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