Plazacation: Ibiza

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Brianna Delaney and Lee Madden dropped on a new part that also chronicles her transition and journey from the past few years ❤️ Features plenty of stunning lines and some of the best back tails in the biz.

Going to echo the resoundingly unanimous praise about Free x Memory Screen’s Ray Barbee remix/tribute/epic. Immune to trends, utterly timeless, and a shoo-in for one of the coolest skateboarders of all-time — there will never be another Ray Barbee. It was also a reminder to revisit the time Genny interviewed him for QS.

“Being a great skater doesn’t really mean much when you think about it. It shows you have diligence, but people put that on a pedestal. There’s way more to life.” Skateism did an interview with the goat, Karl Watson 🐐

A Hi-8 winter sesh with a bunch of the Bronze dudes.

17 minutes of Troy Gipson loosies!

Kei uploaded an edit of the Homies Network session at the Vans Park.

The people in the comments from last week’s top ten are right! Evan Smith did some wild shit in the “Northunda” montage from DC, the wildest of which is kickflipping off the kink off the Courthouse Drop, about two times higher than he needed to.

A nerdy deep-dive via Anthony Pappalardo the Writer and the Slam City Skates blog: tracing the crossroads of skateboarding and BMX culture in each one’s respective media outlets.

There was an inordinate amount of content “checking in” on skateshops during the lockdown days of the pandemic, but that obviously tapered off. Village Psychic hit up a bunch of their favorites for a more current pulse check on what running a shop is like.

Hobbies” is a very sick edit by Rémi Chautant featuring some of the upcoming faces in the Paris scene. Spotted via Live, which has a remarkable ability to track down videos that us other outlets miss.

While we’re in Paris, have you seen Marca Barbier’s Cinquième Terrasse part yet? Wow.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀Wut in tarnation is this pass.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Since you’ve been gone, I’ve turned into a young Arab mogul.” — Dallas Todd