The LCBO’s On Strike

“Running a business is hard work. Running a business that feels personally and creatively fulfilling is even harder. Kudos to them for not riding Alltimers into the ground, a soulless, empty thing, because that’s easy. And hey, 11 years is nothing to sneeze at. A good run is one where the people in charge know when to stop. If you run forever, you lose the chance to look back and appreciate where you’ve been and why you were running in the first place.” Simple Magic on Alltimers shutting up shop after an eleven-year run 🍸 (All of the boards are sold out, but there are some soft goods left over on the Alltimers going out of business sale if you wanted to grab a keepsake.)

“I’ve had a few ABDs in video parts that I battled and had no idea. One of them was Mark Suciu so I was like fuck it, I’ll use it.” Jenkem spoke to Matt Militano about his journey through sponsorships, the Foundation van, ABDs, and prank shows.

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J’Adore — Will Marshall’s DC Part

The night before the Dime event in Paris, we were at some random bar (that sold scratch-off tickets …fuck) with Will Marshall, expounding on the virtues of Créteil, the downhill marble ledge spot in the Paris suburbs that was once called the best spot in the world on the pages of this website (until we visited Prague.) Will was less convinced of the hyperbolic status we were atoning it with, mainly because our understanding of skateboard mechanics is too plebeian to notice them. It was like being impressed with some expensive car that a seasoned mechanic knew every flaw of. Nobody present was in the habit of arguing with the hard-earned wisdom of a master, obviously.

ANYWHO, he did mention he had put in some work there regardless (“It’s easy™”), much of which pops up in his Paris-heavy new part for DC.

Did you know every pool table is also a skate spot?

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Favorite Spot With Lucien Clarke on Victoria Benches

Although good ledge spots are hardly synonymous with British skateboarding, it’s a surprising reality that they were missing from even the country’s capital until the turn of the millennium. Such was the landscape of London until, in the late 1990s, heaven was discovered in an unassuming patch of greenery just down the road from Victoria Station. Jacob Sawyer’s wonderful “Ode To Victoria Benches” story for Slam City Skates pinpoints the spot as having been discovered somewhere around 1997. The Blueprint Skateboards team and friends would go on to localize it, with the benches appearing in Waiting For The World, Headcleaner, and First Broadcast.

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Avec the Homie

John Shanahan starts a line by rolling off the amphitheater at the Citi Field benches, props a tile up to the second level of the CBS benches, and kickflips off the grate side over the Crosby Street bump-to-bar in his latest DC part, in case you haven’t caught it yet.

Everybody’s unloading their fakie 5-0 flip out clips at Big Screen now that the spot’s knobbed 😔 Jasper Stieve and Neema Joorabchi come through with a new one for Free, featuring watery gap to grinds and exemplary frontside heelflip form.

“I think it’s safe to say that the range for a proper ledge height in a skate park setting should be between 13 1/2 and 14 1/4 inches.” Dave Caddo went around the city measuring the dimensions of some of its most oft-skated ledges, from the 12-inch-high Reggaeton fence ledge or the 19-inch-high Flushing Meadows Park Ledges. He compiled his findings over on his Substack, Skait Brane.

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Follow the Bass

We remade the classic QS arch hats for the first time in a long time! Now available in the QS webstore 🛍 These are webstore only for now. Thank you for the support, as always ❤️ Photo by Jason Lecras.

It appears we have a clear frontrunner for a top slot on 2023’s year-end accolades: Zach Sayles uploaded Matt Militano’s part from Veil over the long weekend. Everything from cellar door wizardry (the wallride to slappy crook on the brick window-sill…) to extended Muni choreography to the physics-defying ender cements this one up there in contention with Curren, Mason, and… who else?

W O W: Solo interviewed Darude about “Sandstorm” and his feelings about it becoming the official anthem of the Dime Glory Challenge. He’s a skater! Truly is heartwarming when worlds harmoniously collide like this; it’s like Ed Bacon skating Love Park-level of beautiful.

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