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John Shanahan starts a line by rolling off the amphitheater at the Citi Field benches, props a tile up to the second level of the CBS benches, and kickflips off the grate side over the Crosby Street bump-to-bar in his latest DC part, in case you haven’t caught it yet.

Everybody’s unloading their fakie 5-0 flip out clips at Big Screen now that the spot’s knobbed 😔 Jasper Stieve and Neema Joorabchi come through with a new one for Free, featuring watery gap to grinds and exemplary frontside heelflip form.

“I think it’s safe to say that the range for a proper ledge height in a skate park setting should be between 13 1/2 and 14 1/4 inches.” Dave Caddo went around the city measuring the dimensions of some of its most oft-skated ledges, from the 12-inch-high Reggaeton fence ledge or the 19-inch-high Flushing Meadows Park Ledges. He compiled his findings over on his Substack, Skait Brane.

🔊 THIS IS A TEST PRESS 🔊 Josh Stewart uploaded the original Static video from 1999 in full. Includes chapter selections! How crazy is it that vert sections were standard back then?

The Mostly Skateboarding podcast spoke to Mike for an addendum to his QS piece on the people who have started skate magazines in the past couple of years.

“After this, I couldn’t give a fuck about DV tapes or certain cameras. It’s getting to the point, probably for a lot of people where it’s, like, is it really worth it? Yeah, it looks sick but a lot of what comes out of a skate video is what that specific person puts into it, rather than what they use to film it.” QS correspondent, Farran Golding interviewed Joe Allen, the architect behind the latest scene video out of his home of Leeds in Northern England, for Vague. (Farran’s also got the first part in it.)

The Slam City Skates blog interviewed Will Miles, the auteur behind Nike SB’s 7 Ball. He’s a fan of Nik Stain’s Bruns part. But then again, who isn’t?

Jenkem got to the bottom of why deck prices continue to rise.

Boil the Ocean considers The Guiness Book of World Records‘ skate inclusions, and the skateboarding of QS office favorite, Chris Athans, in its latest.

Sure, a mini ramp in the middle of the ocean is one thing, but what if you took it to the bottom of the ocean and skated it on the, yaknow, Titanic?

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Three minutes of loosies from Gustav Tonnessen 🐐 + a mix of Louie Lopez loosies + an additional does of John Shanahan footy.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I have a parlay on professional darts and Colombian soccer that’s $1 to win $7 million.” — Sean Kinney

Somebody better skate to Veeze in the next Birdhouse video…

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