Like Glowstick, We Crack Then Shine

Antonio tomfoolery in the QS Dunk that is coming out pretty soon :) Photo by Jason Lecras

From a skate house above a chicken shop by Southbank to a GQ feature: Fashion-writer-who-actually-skates-and-can-write, Noah Johnson, profiled the minds behind Palace for a feature in Famous Men’s Magazine™.

Heckride interviewed Johnny and Mitchell’s brother, Andrew. Very excited for Coots’ video ♥

There is no shortage of crust evangelists working in New York skateboarding today, but every once in a while, there’s a part so endlessly dedicated to spots with eight things wrong with them that you need to stop and give #respect. Charlie Cassidy’s 4 x 4 part is one of those, and Vague mag has the part + an interview with him about it. The cast of In Crust We Trust would be proud :)

The raviest edit you’ll see this summer: “DECOUPE” from the Raskal dudes out of Marseilles.

Not as ravey, but still kinda ravey and all New York footy: “⊘promo” by Reilly Schlitt.

ICYMI: A solid batch of Kaue Cossa’s new Habitat part is filmed throughout New York, even beyond the utterly insane front blunt flip out on the Sombrero.

Loophole’s New Doors Have Opened video is now online in full.

“It’s a visual culture that drives skateboarding. It’s not just the Reynolds frontside flip. It’s the song he skates to, the filmmaker who shot it, the way it’s composed.” Adam Abada and Jeff Wheller interviewed three of the dudes behind SkateVideoSite, skateboarding’s version of IMDb.

Brian Reid uploaded a B-sides part from his section in the Boston-based Grace video by Tim Savage.

Joel Meinholz hosted a “Bum Rush the Spot” at the famous Miami bank over the four. Zoogie has the recap.

Quote of the Week: “I’d weigh like 120 if Sweet & Vicious never opened.” — Troy

Mr. Slo-Be has the distinction of releasing 2021’s first great rap song on January 1st, so it’s great to see him follow through on that promise in droves with Slo-Be Bryant 3, pretty much the only thing that’s been played at the office this past week.


  1. Can we get a Joel Meinholz interview re: police plaza 16 ollie? Has anyone attempted since? 22 yrs later mind still blown

  2. I feel like the dude who ollied the 17 inside of world trade got police plaza.

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