3 Martini Lunch

Boil the Ocean contends that the snowblower is the new bolt cutter, but perhaps only for as long as the northeast doesn’t have a dedicated chapter of the Knob Buster.

And on that note, given that it’s cold, our streets are covered in ice + shit, and travel remains hobbled, let’s venture out to Europe for the first couple of links…

Usually the assumption on these posts is that you’ve already seen anything that Thrasher posted last week, but Jaakko Ojanen and Eetu Toropainen’s shared part is absolutely nuts. You’ll be hard pressed to find another recent part with this much mind-bending shit that still actually looks good. Nobody skates like Jaakko.

Free is right in saying that this style of iPhone edit practically feels extinct today, but not sure if an edit from the COVID age has given off such a reassuring feeling of “everything’s gonna be ok” quite like “Mômes 2” from the Paris youth.

Always here for a video from a scene that we otherwise know nothing about (apart from it being the destination of girl’s erotic journey that began in Milan): “Have a Nice Life” out of Minsk will have you wanting to visit Belarus and grind some mini hubbas.

18 minutes of Rowan Zorilla IG loosies.

Quick minute-plus edit from the fool’s gold ledges on 2nd and Avenue A + some Soho winter skating. W-O-W at that frontside flip 5-0 in front of the old Opening Ceremony store.

Vague posted up its interview with Connor Kammerer, which chronicles the multi-filmer-spanning battle of the massive wallie big heel at Blubba from the #2 slot on last week’s Top 10.

ICYMI: Stingwater’s long-waited Paid 2 Sk8 went live on Thrasher last week, and includes that big heel + a part’s worth of Antonio footage ❤

Skateboard fantasy sports! YouWillSoon remixed some [colorized] Eastern Exposure-era loosies for a Philly-centric nineties remix that includes a Josh Kalis part at the end.

Heck Ride correspondent, Hugh Jass, has what is “maybe the first interview ever” with Hockey / F.A. videographer, Benny Maglinao.

Another one of those #lllooonnngggform Slam City x Science Versus Life interviews, this time with Sole Tech’s Don Brown, who has seen literally very dimension of change throughout modern skateboarding. (Don was the main voice alongside Muska in our 2019 piece on the first $100 skate shoe.)

“But the neighborhood used to feel to me like a rough part of a softer place, and nowadays the roughness feels more general, and this makes it harder to cheer for a neighborhood that is so loud and dirty and uninterested in or unfit for human life. It feels fit for delivery trucks and construction dust and as a postcard of man’s inhumanity to man.” Not skate related (and frankly about a neighborhood with 0 skate spots), but The New Yorker has a great article about New York’s “unloved” (unlovable?) neighborhood: That zone around 10th, 9th and 8th Avenues between Port Authority and Penn Station.

Quote of the Week: “You have to wear your dog hair with pride.” — Zered Bassett


  1. “Hell’s Kitchen”… an unpleasant place to live? Color me shocked. True NYers just go there to paint in the Amtrak tunnels and maybe the club

  2. i lived in hell’s kitchen pre-pandemic. not really any good spots in the area (until times square recently) but certainly not a bad place to live. great food options, close to the water, can get almost any subway through time square, and cheap rent (paid $1250 and my spot was nothing special but was like 14×12, with two living rooms and a detached kitchen. not bad for mnhtn)

  3. Jordan Queijo on Free! How could you not shout out this part- he’s like Kenny Anderson, Gino, and “Tony” Durao all in one

  4. Her article is *specifically* about the blocks between Penn Station and Port Authority, not all of that area above 42nd.

    She also is raising a daughter there and explains how in some ways it is better than a lot more “desirable” neighborhoods.

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