Cheap Divorce

Photo via Jersey Dave

Thanks to everyone who grabbed something from the webstore over the weekend. Holiday QS goods should have made their way to most U.S. shops by now. Arriving in Canada + Japan this week. Europe + everywhere else next week. Thank you for the support during these shaky times ♥

If you missed it in July, now would be a good time to read Farran’s #longform Slam City interview with Tom Knox about …lines.

“It is like Tom Knox is doing missionary work, faithfully showing that London is skateable. He ardently skates his home surroundings, teaching us, like a prophet finding a spring of water in the desert.” — Everyday Hybridity re: the spots in Tom Knox’s “Atlantic Drift” part.

Thrasher posted the interview with Leo, Cher and Stephen about Glue Skateboards online.

Jenkem has an interview with Jahmir Brown.

Found “Ether Bootleg” on Cooper Winterson’s YouTube page, and it’s a buddy cam video with lots of Borough Hall, parking garages, pre-fab parks, and a fire Max Garson part at the end.

Sloppy Days has a half Portland / half New York edit up with a Connor Champion cameo at the windiest spot of the year ;)

Love someone that touches on the full spectrum of #impact in a single part — from Three Up to Three Down to D7. Jonny Hernandez has has a two-minute part for Diamond, and does a cool varial heel over the Bond Street gap.

Theories has another part from the Rochester-based Heirloom video live.

“In an era of acceptable sloppiness in the name of advancing technical progression, not to mention questionable fashion choices and visual branding centered around cartoons and sarcasm, Stereo stood out by doing less.” The Warm-Up Zone reflects back on the cohesive aesthetic impact of A Visual Sound, and the affiliated 4-Ply Mag crunches the numbers on Mike Daher’s part.

Vincent Alvarez is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Boil the Ocean considers the old axiom about preferring to watch Gino push as it stands in the 2020s.

Quote of the Week: “I’m just happy I’ve reached a point in my life where I can afford to get hustled.” — Torey Goodall

Uploaded Philly’s part from Broth, the Busch Gang video out of New Orleans. Follow them on IG to keep up with all they got going on.


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