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Alltimers got hacked!

“Summer Trip to New York” season has obviously been affected by COVID travel bans, yet it has not full-on stopped skate travel into the city. It’s a really interesting time to visit New York, and videos from right now will stand out a lot down the line. Can’t tell where these dudes are from, but enjoyed every bit of “Pull Up,” a new nine-minute trip edit from Juan Reyna. (They got the memo that Times Square is fun right now.)

“The one thing that has stuck out in my mind from early on was that clip of you backflipping off the Love Park sign after that contest. What the hell were you thinking?” Josh Stewart interviewed the forever inspirational Jahmal Williams for Germany’s Solo magazine.

Jenkem tagged along on a midtown session with Naquan Rollings and Christian Henry for one of the missions from the “REROCK” video. Every trick done on that 58th Street spot will always be crazy.

Jesse Alba put together a new Frog team iPhone montage, and shows off his Tech God skills at the end.

These “Memory Screen” edits keep getting better. Sneep offers a complete career retrospective of Josh Kalis, with most of the New York clips mashed together right at the start. The vocal of Pappalardo’s Photosynthesis song was a nice touch. (When’s the last time the thought “Oh! I forgot about this awesome Roots song!” occurred to you?)

Theories has been pushing a lot of rad Upstate New York skating lately. Pedro Alvarado’s “Bouquet” part is a great HD companion to Japhey Dow’s Heirloom section from two weeks ago.

Chad Muska’s Welcome to Hell part, Jamie Thomas doing the Leap of Faith, a third brand from F.A. and more in Parade’s piece on the greatest moments in skateboarding that never happened.

B-sides, Insta clips, montage appearances, and more in this fifteen-minute Kevin Bradley mega mix.

Angel started uploading some raw clips of Bronx dudes on the Papi Brand YouTube page.

A couple New York clips in Tom Snape’s too-short part for Wayward Wheels.

Ari Marcopoulos found a bag of “lost” super-8 footage from what looks like the Out & About days. Here’s a quick snippet of some skating from around Financial.

“Think about the totality of human history. Go ahead. It’s about 200,000 years. A long time, but not that long. Yet perhaps the most shocking conclusion over this period is the relatively small number of people have set skate parts to Steely Dan songs.” Boil the Ocean offers up some thoughts on the new Girl video, Nervous Circus.

Quote of the Week: “I can’t wait to listen to ‘WAP’ in fifteen years.” — Sweet Waste

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