The Shape of Tompkins

This is so cute. Shout out to any pro that’s ever sent a handwritten letter.

Rockstar pull up no guitar.

Contagiously good-vibed human and skater, Jawn Gardner, has a new part over on Thrasher, in addition to a part in the newly uploaded Creature video at the 18:10 mark.

Gino Iannucci asks “Who’s going around skating in a $400 sweater?” in his Monster Children feature about restarting Poets as a brand. I gotta introduce him to Troy, though I think his shit is a good bit over $400 ;)

Real re-issued some old Huf boards and has a bit of a feature on him over on their site + clean versions of all his parts. Slam City Skates also interviewed him about Ari Marcopolis’ iconic Metropolitan ad photography. (We talked to Huf about some of his favorite snaps back in 2015 in the event you need even more Huf content hehe.)

“I kind of wonder how I had so much nerve to do some of those graphics.” This is nine months old, but shout to Palomino for just linking it — an hour-long interview with Mark McKee that gives insight into the wild west era of skateboard graphics.

Genny hits Club Liv and a bunch of triangle manny pads in his latest iPhone edit.

Only like 10 people are gonna know what this means, but this feels like a 2018 SuchAGood clip.

Solo interviewed perennial #QSTOP10 fave and Milano Centrale MVP, Ruben Spelta on the occasion of their “THREEE” videos. Thanks for the shout out bro ♥

Huck has posted some iffy articles about skateboarding in the past, but this one about a Bristol D.I.Y. spot and the general rise of skater-made spaces is an a-ok quick read.

Interesting time capsule: a “lost” Alex Olson interview from 2012.

Boil the Ocean on “a mile-long backside tailslide and, perhaps in tribute to Dan Pageau’s freshly funded legacy, a switchstance trip down the fearsome El Toro.”

A lot of smiles in this jazzy nu-age Miami edit from the Andrew Skateshop crew.

Spot Updates1) The Banks are *officially* a no-go again. 2) Not sure how recent this is, but to nobody’s surprise, BAM 3 got knobbed.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Lebron James what the fuck omg.

Quote of the Week: “Remember when you showed up to Johnny Wilson’s house and forced him to watch a Pat Laflamme part?” — Zach Baker to ET

Rest in peace Bankroll Fresh, get well soon Ricky Ross, everybody else please take good care of yourselves, and skateboard and laugh with your friends as much as you possibly can yaknow ♥

“I remember when dinner depended on my fishing rod” is one of the greatest things a rapper has ever said.

Louie This Louie That


Congrats to Lou! ♥

An Instagram account partially focused on Gino skating flat in the F.A. warehouse.

Fresh Beer – Cold Beer” was of the finest straight-to-Vimeo exercises in ledge skating ever, and deserves some acknowledgement from the Czech Department of Tourism. The eight minutes of raw files from that trip are lovely.

Good vibes are contagious. Hearing Karl Watson reminisce for a half-hour is a nice way to set you on the path of having a wonderful day. Also, Karl is tied with The Muska for the skater who was most fun to interview for this website.

The boys in Buenos Aires did a chill wear test vid of the QS Bruin Hyperfeel.

Russian Bob uploaded four minutes of raw footage from Ron Deily, nu-era New Jersey legend and leading practitioner of lo-def noseslide tech.

Enjoyed this interview with the O.G. 2000 / Mariah video dudes about skateboarding in Switzerland, a European destination that tends to escape the global spotlight, despite being the world’s eminent destination for skateboarding on six-figure cars.

Everyone loves a good one-spot part or montage, but there’s something especially admirable about a one-spot montage of a place that instills zero desire of wanting to skate said spot due to how difficult it looks.

“If Marc Johnson hadn’t waited until 2016 to move to Adidas, could his Fully Flared part have been 26 minutes long? Backed by corporate shoe money, could The End have offered more realistic pyrotechnics? If DGK had clung to the Reebok deal, could Parental Advisory have offered a Jay-Z cameo instead of Beanie Siegel?”

You have probably already watched this new old Bill Strobeck video.

Eli Reed Harvey Keitel from Taxi Driver recreates an old Harold Hunter photo for Monster Children‘s “Back to the Feature” series. Amazing that the bump in Southbridge Towers is one of the few remaining landmarks of downtown skateboarding in the previous millenium.

The Bunt’s latest interview is with AWS alumnus, Gilbert Crockett.


Ari Marcopoulos — whose Out & About photos have become shorthand for the words “ninties New York skateboarding” — has a new ‘zine project coming out with Adidas.

Even he seems like he hates vegan food.” Top Ramen with Matt Perez coming soon.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Knicks games are a tough watch these days, but at least Brandon Jennings got waived so you get to see more of the second best player on the team, Ron Baker.

Quote of the Week: “I realized that you could do that job hungover, but it’s just better if you don’t.” — Dallas Todd

“Hottest in the city and never did a Gangsta Grillz.”

Saturday links, etc.

Ari Marcopoulos dropped another book, entitled “Stoopz.” It is hard to tell how much of it is recycled from the previous, partially skate-related release, “Out & About,” which for those who don’t know, is a treasure trove of Kids-era New York skate photography, in addition to a great archive of eighties hip-hop images. Some of the preview images seem recycled, others seem brand new, so it might be right in between. You can check out the quick video of him flipping though the pages here. Either way, if you have the forty bucks to spend, it might be a worthwhile purchase so you can hold on to a piece of the past. And if you haven’t figured it out, the above photo is from the very same book.

While on the topic of still images, Zoo has a pretty good post of Sean Cronan’s photography, with some solid background info write-ups about some images from the State of Mind filming days.

The homie from Boil the Ocean is back on his grind, providing articulate write-ups on the state of skateboard videos and other projects that have been eclipsed by the most handsome skateboarder’s magnum opus.

Remember that post about the Grace Ledge a while back? Well, given that the place is plastered with “Grace Plaza Re-Opening 2011” signs, you can forget about any sort of renovations occurring there that might spare the beloved white ledges.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with it already, you should be watching this Nate Rojas AKA “Mars Attacks” part from the Film Me video. It’s basically a southern California-esque part done in New York. The best tricks are the ollie through the rail at 101 Park Ave / Concrete Heaven and the tricks on the CBS rail, which still stands as one of the best looking spots on the eastern seaboard. We run an old-fashioned operation over here so we may be alone in that opinion though. Although most people around here abide by the “If you can’t jump up it, don’t jump down it” mantra, this part is good enough to get anyone psyched to huck themselves down a twelve-stair, assuming you’re genuinely capable of doing such an absurd feat.

A Day in the Life of Matthew Mooney. Billed as a “realistic” day in the life of a New York skateboarder, you should take the portion where he gets up at 8 PM with a box of salt.

Quote of the Week:Like, you know how everyone rides Indy’s irregardless of their official truck sponsor? I’m still hoping that Dylan just threw an Analog patch over some Dior jeans, because if he looks that good in bona-fide factory gear, then all hope is truly lost.” – Ted Barrow

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