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Any week when you have two full-length local videos both exceeding 30 minutes is a special week…

Suppy is an HD video by Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco, filmed largely in Brooklyn, with an insane ender at the spot that everyone has been getting yelled at by mean security guards for the past month.

Irish Wrist Watch is a SD video by John Clodfelter, filmed around the city with some Jersey clips in between. It’s amazing how watching someone roll away from their first two-stair ollie can lead to more vicarious joy that any number of wild tricks you see on IG every day.

Loved this part: Zaki Young in the Richmond, VA-based Tumultuous video will make you want to boardslide some ledges. Has a bunch of Upstate New York footage.

“Yeah, five windshields this week.” Cyrus Bennett answers questions from Slap. Yes, the first question is “what happened to your car?”

Eli Gesner posted up what would wind up being the final interview with Keith Hufnagel, which is edited alongside a lot of classic footage from his childhood ♥

The Skate Muzik podcast had Ari Marcopoulos on for a Huf tribute, and to play back the songs that he skated to in his parts.

“Growing up here I was so conditioned to tuning out the noise, I never considered how loud silence can be.” TWS has a video and article with the Terror of Planet X dudes about skateboarding in Philly during the initial COVID shutdown.

NY Skateboarding posted up the second installment of its “Wriders” interview series, which explores the crossroads between skateboarding and graffiti in New York.

If you can watch a Borat movie in 2020, you can watch a 13-minute skate video out of Kazakstan to realign any silly misconceptions you might have. Yes, skateboarding there looks completely normal, modern and awesome. The part where they edit the beef with the soccer goon looking dude with wholesome footage of them buying succulents from a grandma was funny.

Not skate related, but this hour-long podcast on the career of DJ Drama + the arrest that inevitably changed the trajectory of music history is great.

Quote of the Week: “I can’t type the Y on my phone, so I’m getting a new one tomorrow to text Yaje.” — E.J.

Not since maybe “Pass Me The Hookah” has a song plummeted in quality after the first ~minute this hard, so some enterprising soul on the cyber-net made a Future-only rendition of “Gucci Bucket Hat.” Actually laughed out loud at how bad the transition is, but it gets the job done ;)


  1. that kazakh video was pretty great. I’m always interested in the spots and style coming our of russia, ukraine, poland and i guess i’m adding kazakhstan to the list

  2. Zaki’s part was sooo sick, makes me want to go to the DMV. Also disagree about Tyga’s verse on hookah, he held it down (always does imo)

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