Unknobbing Rails on the Run

Lebron is battling Carmelo in the NBA Playoffs …in August, and Nas made a new song with Foxy Brown, AZ and Cormega. Who really knows what fucking year it actually is, what’s going on — or anything, really.

Incredible manuals, great spots, and chic skate noises in Japhey Dow’s Heirloom part, which traverses all around New York state.

“If skateboarding is the quilt and all of these other interests that make up so much of skateboarding, if those things are the patches, just keep adding patches.” Sage Elsesser interviewed Ray Barbee for Thrasher.

Vice made a 14-min doc on the Osiris D3, which provides a nice window into the wild, wild west that was turn-of-the-millennium skateboarding.

“I understand the perception is that Birdhouse has always done well — it really hasn’t.” + “I used to take my Axion check and pay my Menace riders.” Kareem Campbell spoke to Tony Hawk on his podcast, in a conversation that provides a lot of insight behind the curtain of the skateboard industry, even from those at its very top.

Pat Smith and the Coda team have a video about the painted curbs you have no-doubt seen popping up at spots throughout the city.

The Warm-Up Zone offers some words on a seldom-seen Fred Gall part from a Colombian skate shop video.

Our dear friend Tyler Tufty turned 41 the other day, and to send off his 40th year on earth, he selfie-filmed 40 tricks, and edited them into 40 seconds via his melted suburban backyard D.I.Y. plaza.

While on the topic of selfie filming, The Man Who Films put together a new edition of COVIDEO-19, in which Frankie Spears 5050s that quarter-circle McGolrick Park rail that anyone who has been day-drunk at one of the sidewalk sales has asked about.

Eight minutes of B-sides from The Bronx’s Hefty Krew.

A throwdown, no-push switch backside flip at a prominent double set across from bookings, and a few other New York clips in Kilian Zehnder’s new part on Thrasher.

Solo has a quick interview with Sem Rubio about his Mark Gonzalez book for Rizzoli.

Wonders Around the World made a 200-page book about building skateparks in Syria, Iraq, Hungary, Mozambique and Jamaica. The whole thing is available online to peruse for free ♥

There’s something about the COVID economics of skateboarding buried in this Boil the Ocean post that begins with a sidebar regarding Lloyd Banks’ first album.

Quote of the Week: “I’m not sure we should be hanging out at a place called ‘Transmitter Park’ during a pandemic.” — Dave Caddo


  1. did thrasher basically combined the idea of qs’ sage interview by earl and ray’s interview by genesis evans?

  2. two of the metal bars on the ft greene banks have been removed so you can almost get to the top of the steps now. based on what i have been seeing, crazy clips to come

  3. Very cool on the Pat Smith bit, didn’t know Coda was responsible for the parking blocks.

    I got the Black Label video “Label Kills” at a very formative moment in my early skateboarding, Pat’s part (and influence) was a pretty early foundation on which I built the past almost two decades of my skateboarding on top of.

    Love how he looks at the camera on the push before 3 flipping up the curb
    Love how his feet on front boards are like fs rock and roll (if that makes sense)
    Love how he gets absolutely smoked on that front disaster
    Love his 3 flips in general, very dialed but not self-conscious
    I mean, generally, this part could have come out today and people would be stoked on it. Someone with better writing skills than me should do a write up on how wildly ahead of its time Label Kills (or at least The Kid/Pat Smith parts) was. Both of those parts were kinda eccentric at the time but they tick all the boxes now a days

    part – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xLCDmRUWdk

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