Wood & Plants & Oceans

Just make the next one Tyshawn Jones Pro Skater. Photo via Atiba.

“I just saw myself as a homie who was helping another homie. That was not something that ever crossed my mind like, ‘Am I good at this?’ Both of us are happy in that moment.” Jenkem has an amazing interview with Briana King about her meet-ups for girls and LGBTQ youth learning to skateboard.

“I think you really got to listen to your feeling. Don’t go for the show. Go for your heart.” Lucas Puig on relationships, wood, plants, oceans and not having his johnson fall out when he’s skating in shorts — also for Jenkem, also inspiring. Maybe it’s time we start working on a sequel to the “Poolside” remix

“But you can imagine it, if you let yourself. That’s what we need to do. Instead of ‘I can’t imagine that,’ say like, ‘Oh let me take a minute to imagine how that might feel.'” Vans uploaded a bonus extended conversation between Elissa Steamer and Jeff Grosso, which a YouTube commenter pointed out may likely be the final time Grosso tells us to turn off the video and go skate :(

Parade interviewed Skate Jawn editor, Marcus Waldron about running a small, independent skate publication in the U.S. (Fully never noticed how massive the disparity of Skate Jawn-esque publications between here and Europe had become until he mentioned it.)

“This winter, Jamie Thomas is…Santa Claus. He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, gonna find out if you’ve been stacking those clips.” The new Bronze 56k radio mix is incredible, but you already knew that. Felt weird thinking “I forgot how good this Action Bronson Riff Raff song is” …ok, I’ll bounce.

Sabotage continues, year after year, to put out the only “Go Skate Day” edits worth repeat viewings because they simply… go skate.

The dudes from Tenant Skateshop built a new box for Blue Park, which is in the mold of one of the most iconic 12th & A boxes.

Missed this one in June: Patrick Kigongo spoke to High Snobiety about The Black List.

Dennis Busenitz is the latest guest on The Bunt, and Carl Aikens is the latest guest on Lee Smith’s Mission Statement podcast.

Village Psychic spoke to Jacob Harris about shifting perspectives on what a “trick” is in 2020, and Free has an in-depth look on the politics of ABDs.

Theories uploaded Palace dad Charlie Young’s part from Static V featuring guest tricks from Isle dad Nick Jensen.

Boil the Ocean’s “Summertime Mixtape” series continues with a spotlight on underrated parts from black skateboarders. Totally forgot about this Kyle Wilson section that he shared with the aforementioned Isle dad with New Jersey on the soundtrack.

The Slam City Skates blog gets album, skate video, movie and book recommendations from John Cardiel, and also has a #longform interview with photographer Seu Trinh. It’s wild how a shop’s blog page is legit up there with Jenkem, Skateism, et al. in leading the charge with written skate content right now. Shout out to everyone at Slam.

It’s for a snowboard publication — but everyone knows Jake Kuzyk is also an incredible skateboarder who makes incredible videos — so highly recommend giving his new interview where he comes out a read.

Quote of the Week: “I really want to visit the Alexandria Library …but I think it burned down.” — E.J.


  1. “bird on a wire” is one of the best beats of the 2010. i wouldnt say either of those guys are my favorite artists but they did a good job with it.

    with that beat is impossible to blow it. do i wish it was max b on it? no shit.

  2. Zines have better circulation in Europe because there are more distributors for foreign products, many of which are American. If a shop orders Polar, 5Boro and Theories, they often come from the same place and that place will have a selection of zines they also distribute with each order.

    If a Deluxe or a Tum Yeto were to distribute things like Skate Jawn or Skate Witches, the disparity you speak of would be no more.

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