Time For GRoEth

Happy birthday Vert God ♥ Photo by Cole Giordano

Diego Donival’s new video, Potluck is premiering at Village East Cinemas this Wednesday, December 11. Showings at 7:45 & 8:45. Features parts from Kyota Umeki, Sully Corimer, Quinn Batley, Isaac White, Caleb Yuan, Marcello Campanello and Yaje Popson. Teaser here + flyer here.

Favorite thing from this past week? This 45-second Vincent Touz mix that Johnny Wilson posted on IG.

Jake Kuzyk’s new one is called “Kick Back,” and is effectively a sequel to Courtesy, except this time for Spitfire instead of Vans. Features most of the Alltimers team, Chris Milic, Diego Todd, Nick Michel, and Jed Anderson. Dustin’s three-trick line at the brick bank in downtown Vancouver is fire.

Chris uploaded Logan’s part in Killer Skaters 2!

Mink” is a 12-minute video from Moms Skateshop up in Buffalo, New York.

This take seems…correct? Red Bull made the new Transworld video so Transworld didn’t have to, via Boil the Ocean.

“Seeing my daughter drop in recently made me so proud; the empowerment she got from that, it shifted her attitude. And I don’t just mean towards skateboarding, I mean towards her whole life. She was very afraid of many irrational things in life, this has helped her understand that she’s in control of her destiny – her fears are something she can manage.” Skateism has a really rad interview with Tony Hawk, who we should probably try and track down for a Five Favorite Parts in 2020…

And on that note, it’s funny how you can blankface through the craziest shit on Thrasher or Instagram, but then a nine-year-old girl ollies a ten-set in a skatepark and you’re like “Whoa!”

Habitat’s new tour video starts out in New York, and then there’s a full, new Suciu part at the end. Is he the first person to do a Flushing line with both extensions + the grate?

Memory Screen did an excellent career retrospective of Arto Saari. Half the people reading this are gonna scream “A.V.E!” but Arto has always had the most powerful looking crooked grinds — that one around the curved ledge from Menik Mati is an all-time favorite.

In time for the shitty weather, Monster Children made a #listicle of the best skate docs, many of which are available right there for free. They missed Minding the Gap though, which is actually the best skate doc.

Two guys with the same name share a part to a Top 5 Project Pat song.

It’s cold outside, we gonna die

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: “Ya, Portland’s great. I have so much space. Having easy access to the outdoors has really helped me unleash my creativity. The food is so good.” — Carmelo Anthony’s “Why I Left New York” Medium Post.

Quote of the Week: “Being Irish is the most Italian thing you can do.” — Sean Kinney


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