Congestion Pricing But For Blue Park

When we interviewed Reda about the shot of Todd Jordan’s switch back tail in the weeks after 9/11, he mentioned wanting to complete the set of having the same shot of the Towers, no Towers, and the Freedom Tower. Pretty sure Mike Heikilla is the first one to snap a photo on this forgotten (?) Hoboken, New Jersey spot since the new tower was completed over ten years ago. Discussion of the Todd shot + the mission to get this one is featured in the Dick Rizzo “Headspace” video that Huf dropped last week.

Booyaka is a video by Patrick Lang showcasing the scene in Syracuse, New York, and includes the last-ever part from the late Andrew Grabowski ♥️

Scuba divers discovered 25 bricks of cocaine in the Florida Keys this week stamped with the Nike SB logo.

Free has a feature about Polar’s new video, Everything Is Normal.

James from Labor has been looking for yellow Rowleys for TWENTY YEARS.

The PEACENLOVE crew out of Japan is back with their fifth video, full of Tokyo night missions.

“He’s also, in essence, releasing a video part piecemeal. Or, from another angle, asking us to rethink the value of the video part itself. These are standalone tricks that create their own hype cycles upon upload.” Simple Magic continues to report on Tyshawn’s social media strategy of throwing absolutely insane shit on the timeline.

A Brief History Of Skating Giant Shit” by Boil the Ocean.

“I can’t remember who, but someone said ‘Dan must be a great friend to let Dougie have the best clip in HIS part.'” Slam City Skates has an interview with U.K. videographer Quentin Guthrie about the backstories to some of his favorite clips that he’s filmed.

“It wasn’t always like this, you know. The story of Malmö is one of how you build something that is not there.” Monster Children has an interview with Gustav Edén, a skateboarder who works for the City of Malmö, about the Love Park project and the city’s rich D.I.Y. culture + Solo has a full video recap of the opening weekend.

No way anybody interested in what Steve Rocco is up to in 2024 hasn’t already seen this, but in case you’ve been under a rock / on a week-long bender, Ian and the crew caught the white whale of Jenkem content: a video interview with Steve Rocco.

Tanner Burzinski is the latest guest on The Bunt + Kevin Bradley was on Living Proof radio + Tum Yeto video man, Don Luong, was on the Mostly Skateboarding podcast talking about Toy Machine’s new one.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A comp of highlights from the Tyshawn II jam at Tompkins two weekends back + some Nick Matthews odds n’ ends.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “My favorite scholar works at Labor.” — Emilio Cuilan

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