Is It Finally Summer?

Just like a job site. One doing the work, one on his phone, one taking a nap.

“High school was lawless. We didn’t really learn shit. It was just a way to keep kids within one building.” Young legend Coles Bailey has an interview with Jenkem about the mustache he’s been growing since sixth grade, Christmas beef with NYU guys, and meeting Andre 3000.

Jenkem also hung out with Fred Gall to get the history of one of New Jersey’s longest running brands, Metal Skateboards.

Our dude Eze Martinez has a new, all-L.A. part for Pepper Griptape. He knows his way around a bank. He’s been in New York for the past week doing all sorts of …well, you’ll see ;)

Mark Del Negro and Jersey Dave faced off in TWS‘ S.K.A.T.E.N.E.R.D. series. We spoiled it in the Hopps post, but in case you didn’t catch it…

Mark Suciu has a new half street / half skatepark part live on Thrasher, which starts with a grip of New York footage and chronicles a trip up to Maine.

Berlin is sometimes known to be a skate scene without a true “center,” so Leon Charo Tite and Theo Löffler gave a tour of their Berlin for our friends at Place.

“So a big point is the natural phenomenon of shortage. If there’s less, you want it more.” Solo has an article about all the people who start the @cultof______ Instagram accounts of their favorite skaters, and what fuels their fanaticism.

Jesse Alba was on “Random Skater of the Week” on The Bunt + Ish Cepeda is the featured guest on The Bunt + Living Proof radio has a quick interview with Zered Bassett.

Relevant, considering Citibikes are among the most common forms of skater transportation in the city, and everyone knows the feeling of pulling up to a dock with one e-bike, and a ride over the bridge ahead of you — only to realize it has one mile left on the meter: charging stations for e-bikes are coming. Maybe.

“Hi, my name is Stevie Linguine. I skate for World Industries, Destructo Trucks, Grizzly Grip and Girthy Boys Penis Filler.”

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Eight-and-a-half minutes of Hugo Boserup loosies + Brad Cromer dropped *22-minute* compilation of his Miami IG footy.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Preemptive apologies to our vast Minnesota-based readership, but it’s going to Luka Doncic’s Game 2 shot.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Benny! Right here! For a Mangum ice cream!” — Hjalte Halberg to Ben Chadourne (yes, he landed it that try)

Still waiting on the sequel 🤞 🤞 Still good start of summer listening though :)


  1. jalba wasnt the random skater of the week, its a quiz show where you have to guess a random skater. the random skater they had to guess was some canadian vert dude

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