A Watershed Moment For Fare Evasion

Thanks to everyone who grabbed something from the webstore this weekend ❤️ ICYMI: we’re reloaded with fall / holiday QS goods on there. Available at U.S. + Canada + Australia + Japan shops now. Europe + U.K. + Korea this week. 📷 via Prov Tokyo.

Zach Sayles’ incredible Veil video is now online in full.

Carlisle Aikens is the latest subject of Hypebeast’s “Diaries” video series, which is a half-interview / half-day-in-the-life type of thing.

“Whilst contenders are plentiful and the field seems somewhat ‘wide open’ as the spirits of Halloween gather, the trajectory of recent years suggests that it’s mightily pointless to try and speculate prior to the first week of December, as skating’s award season has yet to kick into high gear.” Boil the Ocean runs through the likeliest 2023 S.O.T.Y. contenders.

Farran Golding spoke to Mason Silva about his favorite songs and #musicsupervision moments for Closer‘s new “The Long Play” series.

Justin Hearn — of viral smith grind on 60th street fame — just dropped a new part for Worldformation. Mostly Atlanta clips, with a bit of New York.

Fred Gall gave NJ Skateshop and Thrasher a video tour through the nation’s finest state. (Our friend and NJ Skateshop capo Steve Lendardo also sat down with the crew at the Dead on Arrival podcast for a conversation.)

Thrasher got a tour of all the popping cellar door spots south of Grand Street via Dick Rizzo.

“Are there any other differences between the USA and Sweden?” “If you’re hot in L.A. and can skateboard, you can make money.” Jenkem interviewed Sarah Meurle about culture-shock, photos taking a piece of people’s souls, and American skater slang.

Currently, about 20% of the Citibike fleet is e-bikes, but they’re soon bumping that up to 50%. And yeah, they’re gonna make it more expensive.

Spot Updates 📍 — 1) T.F. West is back …provided you’re out skating early enough to beat the legions of p*ckl*b*llers before hitting the west side. 2) Penn Plaza is back with new rails and potentially a remade manny pad? 3) It’s all over IG now (Jasper Stieve already went viral on it), but the out-ledge at Zuccotti has been liberated.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — 11-and-a-half minutes from Ville Wester.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Gotta be the ending of Suns-Spurs.

Quote of the Week 🗣 — “If you try to follow the rules while driving in The Bronx, you just end up becoming The Joker.” — Josh Velez

Was gonna embed Babyface Ray’s “Miami in November” due to …wanting to be in Miami this month, but this was more the speed while working on this round-up.


  1. Is Reynolds the only person to skate the Penn Plaza gap from the manny pad going the opposite direction? Baker Summer Tour 2001

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