I Can Buy Myself Griptape, Write My Name on the Tail

📸 via Zach Baker

For Fuck’s Sake: The Tompkins construction start date has been moved …again. October 16th. Going to stop posting these every week from here on out. It starts when it starts. (P.S. Some of the in-better-shape obstacles have been moved into storage.)

“They had a trashcan fire in one of those iconic Love Park bins. It was so cold that people’s bushings were freezing up making turning impossible… They had to grab their board and leave it by this trashcan fire for five minutes, which would buy them five minutes of skating before the bushings froze back up and they had to do it again… It was the craziest thing Iโ€™ve ever seen, people everywhere.” Palace videographer, Jack Brooks, is the latest subject of the Slam City Skates blog’s “Visuals” series, in which he discusses Bill’s “Pigeon” edit, the Palace Kalis board, filming Lucien’s Palasonic part, and more.

A watershed moment in the Bobshirt franchise: an hour-long interview with Rick Howard and Mike Carroll.

“In a follow-up Quartersnacks interview, he discusses his chain interactions with what seems a bemused and analytical detachment, the sort of tone one might encounter among big-mountain free climbers or professional alligator farmers.” Boil the Ocean digs into our history with one of our most formidable opponents: chains.

1401 Eastern Bootleg Video” is a 14-minute Philly scene bro cam video by Joey Marrone.

“TOM & SEB” by Valentin Ferreira is a great Paris video with a bunch of familiar faces wedged between the opening and closing parts 🇫🇷

Lottery Winner” is a quick new New York edit from Blaine Williams.

Blue Park, Reggaeton Ledges, Muni and air balls in Jack Eddy’s new NYC/Philly digi cam video.

The Always Do What You Should Do boys went to Berlin, and came back with this edit.

Farran spoke to Silas Baxter-Neal about his storied history with wallrides for Closer‘s “Topography” series.

“Well, I’m a dad and I’m old, so kind of a perfect fit, right?” Andrew Reynolds nerds out about skate shoes and talks about how his New Balance deal went down for Complex.

The Skate Muzik’s podcast latest is a tribute to the soundtrack of the first Static video.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 โ€” 11 minutes of loosies from Heitor Da Silva + 8 minutes of loosies from Brad Cromer + 5 minutes of Joseph Campos loosies.

Spot Updates 📍 โ€” The Cooper Union bank has been re-knobbed. Past research indicates that it should take about twenty years for this more comprehensive knobbing to be rendered obsolete.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “A skate premiere on a Sunday is like asking your family to go to the dentist on your birthday.” โ€” Charles Rivard

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