Some Dump on Seigel Street

Kevin Rodrigues by Alex Pires • 2016

Another Tompkins Construction Date Change: The park is now being closed off for renovations and re-asphalting on Monday, October 2nd, exactly one week from today. (And the deli across the street isn’t even a deli anymore, as of a few days ago: they got rid of the entire counter for a mini smoke shop. No more sandwiches, grill or smoothies. End of an era.)

“Mainstream skateboarding finally caught on to the fact that when you’re driving to the spot, you’re passing all this other stuff that’s so much more interesting. Stuff people can skate more creatively. And you can make a far more interesting skate video by focusing on that.” New Zealand’s Manual magazine caught up with Josh Stewart to talk about putting himself through another Static video.

“BURNT” is the latest montage by Christian Kerr, featuring the continued evolution of Gabe Tennen’s tech-lord career arc, and the return of the Duane Reade benches.

Hugo Boserup, Jesse Alba, Diego Todd, Stafhon + more hit up Vancouver for Stussy and came back with this trip edit.

Manolo is back with an 11-minute Rick Howard mega-mix on the occasion of Closer‘s Chrome Ball interview with Rick in their latest issue.

Monster Children checked in with the [retired?] Spirit Quest auteur, Colin Read.

Slam City Skates has a feature with Casper Brooker and our friend Rob Mathieson about the Ben Raemers Foundation, the SMiLe interviews, and promoting mental health awareness in skateboarding.

ICYMI: Leo Baker’s new Nike SB pro model part dropped last week, with a grip of New York clips included.

“Today, though, no matter the trick, someone’s probably doing it. And at some point, no matter how dated or maligned it is, every trick will probably experience a second or third wind, if only in some hidden crevice of YouTube.” Jenkem, Lucas Weisenthal and Erik Ellington dig deep into the lifecycle of once-unfashionable skate tricks.

Thrasher has a recap gallery of photos from the Vans x Hockey Jam that went down at Tompkins two Fridays ago.

Guess we know who’s taking your favorite security guard’s job at your favorite spot soon.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Parking legally in this city is for suckers.” — Watermelon Alex

Run this one back for your rainy Monday.

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