Filet Mignon With a Flip Phone

dre forrest

Good friend of the website, longtime QS music supervisor, coin-er of the term “skate video house,” and writer of the last part in the QS book, recently published his first novel, None of the Bad Ones. It’s about partying, #badrelationships, skating at Tompkins and meeting up with girls you texted off a Blackberry ~five or six years ago. It’s a fun and nostalgic read. Use promo code “snackmancometh” on his website,, to get 30% off. QS interview about the book here.

Ahh the old “Zoo York Media Group” logo… New Kevin Tierney Zoo part is now online, with some fashion-forward griptape, white rappers, and chill cut-ins from E.S.T.. Been wondering who those wallride marks on Grand and Crosby were from ;)

To remedy the fact that there hasn’t been a full Brian Anderson part in long time, Village Psychic put together a rad three-minute remix of his past four or five years worth of video appearances. Shout out to Billy McFeely circa 2009.

This isn’t actually a new Conor Prunty part, but a new Conor Prunty part is dropping on QS this April two thousand and sixteen. Buy stock while you can :)

QS’ New Output-based #skatevideohouse Desk: Vice’s electronic music site took to task skating’s recent infatuation with house music. Dudes just wanna dance bro.

Canadians were unmentioned in the article entirely, which is unfortunate considering their apt handling of such music supervision decisions in the past. Here’s a new one from Antosh and all the dudes from the “Heat” video this past fall.

Drones in Westchester. New one featuring Caddo, Watermelons et al via Armand.

Everything in this twenty-five minute Byrdgang video — from the spots, to the tricks, to the picture quality, to the fact that it’s named after sub-sect of lower tier peak-era Dipset affiliates — reminded me of early-to-mid-2000s, post-Metrospective skateboard website montages in the best way possible. Smiles the whole way through :)

A minute of Ishod footage at the new indoor Nike park in Brooklyn.

Related: The [far different] state of skateparks on the east coast, circa 1998-2000.

As if filming a video exclusively in London wasn’t hard enough, they decided to do it with a ten-pound camera from three decades ago. Mike O’Meally with some photos and words on the upcoming Palace video.

Relevant Today: Skateboarding’s Beloved Soundtracks — David Bowie.

New Cell Jawn clip featuring purportedly some of Love Park’s last days.

Thanks to NY Skateboarding for the full flip-through of the QS book in 15 seconds.

If you watch only one skate video today… Stereo uploaded a clean, full version of A Visual Sound online. One of the most #influential vids to ever exist, especially with regard to a lot of what’s going on in skating today.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Damian Lillard got on the same juice cleanse as Steph I guess. Seventeen points in three minutes.

Quote of the Week: “Whoa. Somebody made our beds.” — Max Palmer re: hotels

Londoners: Slam is throwing a party for the DGK + QS stuff on Thursday :)

Streets is a Jungle, Gotta Watch For the Koalas

phil rod

Phil Rodriguez. G Turn. Rockaway Beach, NY. 2013. Photo by Ian Rosenberg.

All tees still available in the webstore, hoodys are sold out. Available instore from Supreme New York & LA, Seasons, Humidity, One-Up, Commissary, Exit and NJ Skateshop. If you’re in Europe, QS gear is available online via Lost Art (free shipping in the UK), Palomino and Cali Roots. Thanks for the support.

Alexander Mosley launched his new website, New clip on there featuring a quick Billy Waldman cameo. Support the Watermelon man by buying a board or tee. Down since day zero.

Trevor Colden won over the entire QS office by skating to Migos for his Skate Mental intro part (oddly to the song we joked about using for the Westgate remix.) Needless to say, skimming through people crying about the music supervision in the comments was real familiar experience. Now who’s gonna skate to “Freak No More?”

In addition to the lost Reese Forbes part that made it online last week, Donny Barley had a full section from the same Quiksilver promo. It’s great.

Volume 2 of Muckmouth’s “Where are they now?” series featuring Billy Valdez, Aaron Snyder, Robbie Gangemi, Eric Ricks and others. Speaking of Aaron Snyder, how good would an Epicly Later’d on the entire Shorty’s team be? (Huf is getting one, BTW.)

Diamond Days #73. Keith still doesn’t know where the lipstick came from.

There’s, like, one good spot in London.

There’s a 59-year-old cab driver in the Guangdong providence of China (a place with more than one spot) who doesn’t speak a word of English, but makes a living driving skateboarders around to spots that he shows them on his phone.

Fakie heelflip over a picnic table

There’s a Leo Heinert video check-out over on the TWS site. He frontside 5050s through the knobs on the long Union Square rail.

New Balance with probably the highest production value on a “Summer Trip to New York” clip ever. Can we please stop attaching two-minute credits sections after three-minute web clips? All due respect to those behind the scenes, but it’s excessive.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Kevin Durant’s fallaway four-point play was insane, but the Thunder ended up losing the game in overtime, so it’s got to go to Vince Carter’s three-point game winner. Who knew Vince Carter was seventh in all-time made threes? How good have the playoffs been? Is the cloud of Donald Sterling’s worldview from two centuries ago going to end up costing the Clippers the series?

Quote of the Week: “I’ve had sex to Honest two of the past three nights. Once it was to the online stream, another to the CD.” — The G Man


Literally logged onto the Jet Blue site at least three times this weekend to check prices for another ticket to Puerto Rico

Trying to Buy a Lamborghini This Summer

How do you feel about Thando’s homage to you?
Is it a homage to me, or a homage to looking good?

Unlike previous summers, when we’d weave up and down the Northeast and the possibilities for new bad spots and whimsical adventures seemed endless, we’ve been stuck here for the past few months. Partially due to increased unemployment, but largely because of the overall expenses that coincide with the one sketchy place you’ve been renting cars from all these years catching on to the fact that every time they rent to you, they get the car back with an extra 800 miles on the odometer. How exactly the acquisition of a Lamborghini will go is anyone’s guess, but it would widely increase productivity in terms of skateboarding outside of this city, which as you know, is a hotbed of doing nothing in this July/August period of the year. Maybe a Paypal donate button on the side with a long dissertation as to why its a wise investment. Maybe rig a way to make it tax-deductable. Do you think making songs where you copiously repeat that you’re trying to purchase something actually yields an acquisition?

Below is a new clip that features Dennis Feliciano, Isak Buan, Matthew Mooney, Ty Lyons, Josh Velez, Watermelon Alex, Torey Goodall, Aaron Szott, Negative, Rich, Grandpa, Galen Dekemper.

Vimeo / YouTube / Lambo This Summer – Direct Download [70.3MB / 3:12]

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Gone So Long

The QS3 companion piece. The spring collective. The-skating-in-SoHo-at-2-AM-and-getting-eggs-thrown-at-you documentary. The tradition of dirty lenses. Doing this for Memorial Day weekend, whether you’re spending it on your board, at your grill, or in Seaside Heights with the homie, The Situation. The 48 hours promise was a bit off, but you know how that goes. There’s another one around the corner (ok, well maybe not around the corner, but a few blocks down. So if I have footage of you, and it’s not in here, it’ll be in the next one. You know who you are.)

Miles Marquez, Josh Velez, Pad Dowd, Galen Dekemper, Matthew Mooney, Jerry Mraz, Jason LeCras, Justin White, Ben Nazario, Thando Beschta, Brian Clarke, & Watermelon Alex.

Contributing camera-holders: Justin White & Jake Hanly.

Quote of the Week:Some guy slipped me a $20 bill to play ‘O Let’s Do It’ last Wednesday.” – Canadian Connor

Download link and embedded clip after the jump.

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Quartersnacks: Still a Frugal Enterprise


Much in the vein of how rappers release songs condemning “snitching” when they are caught up in massive controversies of potentially being snitches, or members of their crew get rooted out as federal agents, just so their audiences know how they stand on the issue, I felt it should be necessary to draw a line in the sand to let the world know the Quarter Snacks stance in light of recent controversies. Clearly aligned with the now nearly-extinct twenty-five cent snack cakes that the site is named after, this website is down for the meager corners of a metropolitan existence, and not a trust fund enterprise by any means. The issue of “trust fund-ed” skate / internet institutions is clearly a very prominent topic in the changing landscape of this wonderful city, and it has caused the greatest uproar in the Quarter Snacks comments section since its previous summer 2007 high point of hate when Thando and Mooney were on the most-hated list and the Green Diamond first announced their impending endeavor of releasing a full-length video. At least I figured out that if I don’t update the site for two weeks, the invisible hand intervenes and updates it for me. I have no insight to offer on this controversy and hope that you guys have all settled your quarrels so we can continue to go about discussing Proust, Tarkovsky and Gucci Mane like we typically do here.

Now, here’s the bad news — this isn’t a real update. Sorry. I have a block of free days in the coming week, in which I am hoping to get done the bulk of the re-formating work I have been talking about since maybe ten months ago, but you know, that’s if I’m lucky. Updates should hopefully coincide with that. If not, it’s getting warm, clips soon. You know.

Here’s some shit to watch that I’m super late on.

Howard Glover — Manhattan Montage from 1998
Howard Glover — Brooklyn Banks Montage from 1998
I don’t know who this dude is, but he just dropped these two clips (which you have probably already seen), that I simply hoped would never end. Late-90s, raw New York stuff. Kind of like Revisited, but almost better in that I don’t think ANY of it has ever been in any other videos. What’s really striking about them, especially with the non-Banks one, is that people really haven’t gotten that much better in the past ten years. Take out some of the tricks, switch up the gear, and a lot of the tricks would look perfectly up to par with a lot of videos these days. Especially Rodney’s footage at Newport. If this guy has any more footage, he needs to make a Revisted-esque DVD with it, because who the hell knows if the mythical “in-the-works” Strobeck video of unreleased late-90s/early-2000s footage will ever come to fruition before all the DV tapes on this planet disintegrate. This might be the next best thing.

Jame’s Frankhouse’s S.O.N.2 is worth a watch if you haven’t caught it yet. Like the first installment from last winter, its a homie-cam formatted type deal, which is pretty much the only format that I’m backing these days, seeing as how VX1s are obsolete and HD is too expensive for an institution like this one where good (or even borderline competent) filming has never been a priority. It has the added bonus of a soundtrack select by DJ Dirrty from East Village Radio’s wonderful Baller’s Eve program, which has become a part of my Wednesday night routine for the past few months now. Pretty much the only place you can hear new Pastor Troy songs or Alabama rap these days. They don’t play enough Boosie, Z-Ro or All Star, but you can’t have it all. Oh well.

5050 Skate boarding Forums “Where are they now?” Series: Volume 1 — “Neuman”

Quote of the Week: Fourteen-year-old Asian kid at Sayreville skatepark: “Hey dude, has anyone ever told you that you look like Dill?
Watermelon Alex: “Fuck you, you look like Pat Chanita.
Fourteen-year-old Asian kid at Sayreville skatepark: “Who’s Pat Chanita?