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“Smith knows that what becomes of Mosquito Beach is likely out of his hands. But that doesn’t dampen his impulse to keep building these spaces.” New York magazine’s Curbed publication profiled Pat Smith, Jerry Mraz, and the D.I.Y. skatepark scene in New York City, with Mosquito Beach as the focal point. (Apparently, a “sewage bomb” was unleashed on Newtown Creek following the storm last Wednesday, so it should be an interesting situation over there for a bit…)

“The era in which TD, Seagram, and similar plazas were constructed can be considered a ‘goldilocks’ moment in modern history, where the design of successful public spaces did not preclude the eventuality of skateboarding.” Michael Barker chronicles the simultaneously monumental and accidental influence of Mies van der Rohe in modern skateboarding for Village Psychic.

Wumbus Video” is an eight-minute video from Tom Albin, who brought you the Public Skateboarding full-length from late last year. Kickflip back smith on the curb to Billy Joel ender was fire :)

The Rochester-based video, Heirloom, is now online in full.

The Sabotage x DC montage is pretty much half of a Sabotage full-length video.

ICYMI: A good chunk of Melodi’s new video, E.C. III, is filmed in New York. Father Demo is the biggest spot glo-up of 2021 in terms of coverage.

Bradley Culebro has a new VX part for One-Up Skateshop filmed all over the east coast.

Jeremy Elkin’s documentary, All the Streets Are Silent, is available on Apple TV + all that today. Eli Gesner’s Nine Club interview is over twice as long ;)

The Skate Muzik podcast’s latest episode is a tribute to notable skate video with a plot, Las Nueve Vidas De Paco + John Dilo is the latest guest on The Bunt.

“Following Andy Roy’s promotional tooth-pulling that led to the infected canine being packaged with some Spitfires, will the first pro clone matchup see a replicant Tony Hawk face off against a replicant Andy Roy?” — One of those “Idk what’s going on” Boil the Ocean posts.

Quote of the Week: “When I went to college, I told myself I had to treat it like jail …except there’s girls and I can leave.” — Watermelon Alex


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