Almost Got Into a Fight With American Pie Guy

In case you haven’t heard: the Tompkins construction that was set to begin in September, will now begin ~mid-November. The colder the weather, the less of a chance the asphalt will cure soft, or something like that? Any QS Readers work for a paving company?

Going Once, Going Twice” is a fun Philly-based video by Fionn McLaughlin that’s light on the Muni and heavy on the crust. (Feel like there was another recent-ish homie video that ended with “Dirty Work” as well? Perfect homie video song.)

Mark Humienik, Nico Marti, Alan Bell, Zak Anders + more in Chase Walker’s Minneapolis trip edit from an Asics wear test.

“Every day is Friday when you’re Tyshawn Jones.” Late on this — and it’s not a skate pod obvs — but Tyshawn was on the Throwing Fits podcast a week-and-a-half ago. (That link opens in Spotify, btw. But it’s on Apple Podcasts, too.)

“I ripped my shirt off afterwards. Halfway through that session, I found out that Miles Silvas had switch flip back tailed it, after stressing out over a front tail. I went over the edge after that.” Monster Children interviewed Nick Boserio, the new Polar TM. Somehow completely missed the Thrasher ACE Trucks vid with him from a month ago…

The dudes from the Dead on Arrival podcast did a visiting video tour of some of Long Island’s most famous skate spots for a Gino-heavy history lesson by Ray Knives.

Our friend Aravin from Copenhagen sent over this edit filmed entirely at Jarmers: “O Brother, I Love You!” Wondering if the uptick in Dino coverage will converge to create the Dino part that the people have been waiting for…

The latest episode of Skate Muzik is a dive into the Palace Beta Blockers soundtrack.

“Filmmaker Tyler Smolinski has given it the thing that makes it infinitely rewatchable: heart. Yes, the skateboarding is impressive, but it’s the cinematography, the composition, the way the b-roll creates a narrative, adds a punchline, or is tied together by stray whisps of audio.” Simple Magic has an early review of the HUF video.

The Say You Swear podcast interviewed the London-based, 7 Ball videographer, Will Miles.

Heckride interviewed Curren Caples.

ICYMI: Here’s the ~two-hour panel by nearly the entire cast for the 20-year anniversary of Yeah Right!, though it probably would’ve been a bit looser if they did it for Drink Champs.

Events 🗓️ — Our friend Watermelon Alex is throwing a skate jam at the 2nd Nature Skatepark in Peekskill this Sunday, September 10th, from 1-6. Flyer here.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Five minutes of loosies from a soaked Adidas tour stop in Albany.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “E.T. is a demanding boss.” — Pad Dowd

Johnny re-uploaded Cyrus’ 2017 Nike SB part. That Dewey line is a classic.


  1. Asphalt gets hard by cooling, so “cure” time is longer in warm weather. This doesn’t make it stronger but does give the pavers more time to lay it out well. Concrete on the other hand gets hard by the chemical reaction of the cement and water, so cold weather gives a longer cure time and more strength by retaining moisture. People cover concrete to keep the water in there when it’s hot and to keep it from freezing when it’s cold, which kills the reaction.

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