The Price Is Right

Love when videos from younger crews go in on midtown spots. “Cockeyed” by Jack Held is a new video mainly filmed in New York with a Miami clip here and there. Back tail down the U.N. hubba and back lip down the tall-ass World Trade rail were crazy.

The YouTuber formerly known as Juicy Elbowz (but currently known as Jesse Alba) dropped a watermarked masterpiece of iPhone footage featuring himself and other Frogian acolytes.

“Before I ever started skateboarding, I played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I remember doing wallrides on the game and thinking it was just impossible like it was something only possible in the game.” Heckride interviewed Akwasí Owusu. (Usually when someone has an interview with QS scheduled and it’s timed so close to another one the person just had come out, we fall back. Shout out to Heckride for mentioning the Village Psychic one upfront, and using it to begin the interview altogether. The two came out nothing alike, so shout out to them for that, too ❤️)

Thrasher runs through KCDC’s 20+ year history for its “Established” series.

Skate Jawn interviewed Jiro Platt.

Politic Skateboards released a new edit last week featuring a Japhey Dow part at the beginning and a welcome part from Herbert Brown to close it out.

Anthony Pappalardo the Writer has another edition of his eBay watch up, this time with a back-to-school theme and some history lessons on a few companies that aren’t around anymore 🛍️

Ian Ostrowski and the Genesis crew made a trip up to Vancouver and came back with a 15-minute edit.

Boil the Ocean talks “Wicked Games,” subliminal #musicsupervision throughout skate video history, and Palace’s Beta Blockers in its latest dispatch.

Jenkem started a new video series paying homage to aged pre-fab parks and the lurkers who give them life. The first installment of “Metal Park Kids” is out of Fishkill, New York, 70 miles north of the city.

It’s an hour and a half long, but they get the pass: LENZ 3 by Tightbooth Productions is now live in full.

Spot Updates 📍— Everyone made jokes about them converting T.F. West into p*ckleball courts when the photo of the asphalt torn up surfaced… except that’s literally, actually what they’re doing. At least for a part of it.

Quote of the Week 🗣
[at T.F. West]
Baker: “Ha, why does that guy playing p*ckleball look like Shaun White?”
[ten minutes later]
Baker: “Wait…that guy playing p*ckleball is Shaun White.”

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  1. “many more than two courts were requested”

    literally the audacity of these fucking people. not even speaking as a skater but as a teacher. tf west is for kids from all the schools nearby. everyone else, skaters included, are secondary. but we’re not requesting they put a permant set of skate obstacles in there are we.

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