When’s the Last Time You Did a Regular Rodeo Flip Anyway?

“I went to a trade school in the 8th grade to try out a few potential careers that might be interesting. I was in a HVAC course and we all had to use the older guys’ work clothes, which was like a lab coat that doctors would wear. Well, when I put mine on, it was super big on me, so everyone started calling me ‘Dr. Z.’ It just kinda stuck. I wish it was a better story but there you go.” Zered Bassett sits down with The Chromeball Incident for a #longform, career-spanning interview.

Josh Stewart is a lunatic and put his body through another Static video. The trailer is live. (He promised it’s the last one.) Excited for that Jordan Trahan part.

Paul Young B.K.A. Hit You Off Management on the mix for the latest Bronze 56k Radio.

The parts from Zach Sayles’ Veil video keep coming: Skate Jawn has Sean Spellissy’s section full of cutty, quick-footed spots and noseslide wizardry throughout Philly.

Skate Jawn threw a jam with Top Heavy Entertainment at Cecil.

“Rare Vintage Ghetto Child Skateboard Shortys Track Pants Koston Muska Skate T • BUY IT NOW $999.95.” Anthony Papplardo the Writer dropped a part two of eBay finds for rare, non-deck skateboard memorabilia. Of course those Shorty’s cargos sold already.

“For a points-and-score-free pursuit such as skating, measuring tricks in terms of the monetary value of what is at stake opens up a more quantitative approach to answering that centuries-old question, ‘who’s getting gnarly?’” Boil the Ocean pontificates on Tyshawn Jones’ Ferrari ollie, and Jon Rowe’s Airwalk Enigmas.

Nick Jensen and Mike Arnold trade war stories about one of London’s most iconic street gaps in the latest Slam City Skates feature.

Bobshirt is back, this time with Tony Ferguson at J-Kwon.

“Through original videos, Thrasher’s ‘been pushing to expand further into personality and cultural stuff,’ Vitello says, ‘beyond just here’s a [skate] video with music in the background.’ This push isn’t only palpable across their nearly seven million Instagram followers, but in the magazine’s hiring a full-time archivist to help log Thrasher’s entire photo and video history.” Jose Vadí wrote about Thrasher‘s “This Old Ledge” series, and changing tides at the mag that won.

Marcel Proust developed a questionnaire in the late 19th century “that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature.” Place adapted the prompts for their latest interview series, and Beatrice is the first subject. (Beatrice is also the latest guest on The Bunt.)

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Two minutes of Dane Barker loosies + 12 minutes from Kader + two minutes from Justin Henry.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I spent all my Hunter College financial aid money at strip clubs, so I had to change my major from economics to studio art.” — Sammy

Chops mentioned the Real Street remix we did from 2012 in the Zered interview (editing to Pusha T seemed like a good idea at the time…), but this one from 2017 is better. And Z picked the song ;)


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