From a Shoelace Belt to the Movie Set

We went to this iconic chunk of New Jersey crust last summer, and somebody in the car was like, “I heard some Brazilian dude frontside flipped into this.” Didn’t doubt it, because, you know — Brazilian skaters — but wow. The footage dropped in Retta Skateshop’s Atemporal video that went live on Free last week. It’s in Rafael Gomes’ incredible closer part, which includes an ender at another famous nearby Jersey bank. *Prepares for somebody to say “Tony Macaroni from Lodi actually already frontside flipped into that in 1912.”*

Brianna Delaney has a new, all-Barcelona part out for Grand Collection and Converse. In a career full of incredible back tails, that ender still belongs in the hall of fame.

Our guy Rafael Pereira B.K.A. Haffa dropped a new part filmed on his travels throughout Latin America, with some impeccable switch heel form to close things out.

Hardbody Beast Coast Tour — Part 1.

This dude on Reddit is wondering if his 2014 Quartersnacks Dunks could be “restored” after skating in them.

“You know, I’ve got some fly ass friends who’ve made me realize that dressing up, or ‘trying’ is actually cool.” Village Psychic interviewed Akwasí.

Beatrice Domond offers up a skate video, album, movie and book recommendation for the Slam City Skates blog’s “Offerings” series.

Shredmaster Keith hit Bulgaria and dropped a part from his travels for Jenkem.

Blue Couch remixed Noe Horiwaki’s recent Paris footy for a new edit. That 5050 off the plywood 😦

Boil the Ocean’s latest is a dive into the history of the “railie,” the rail-wallie hybrid brought back into public consciousness by Stephen Lawyer’s ender in the last Sk8Mafia video.

“It’s a type of brand longevity fueled by the passion of the people behind the brand, not the consumers of it, which is not generally how these things work. And as long as we’re not gauging success via profit, as we’ve been trained to do, I think it’s time to declare that Sk8Mafia is, by far, the best brand in Sk8Boarding.” Simple Magic explains why Sk8Mafia is the best. Shout out to Cole for having the endurance to write that much about skateboarding every week. Always a fun read.

“Go to the hardware store and buy fourteen knives.” Didn’t expect to prep this Monday Links round-up with a link to a five-hour Drink Champs episode with Tony Yayo, but here we are. The dude is an incredible story-teller, and if you were around for the G-Unit era — the stories he tells are gold. “Deee-jaaaayyy Khaled! Get the fuck outta herrrrreeee!”

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A few minutes from Herman Stene + another few minutes from Spanky.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Baker plays basketball like he drives and wallies.” — Will Marshall


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