Rafael ‘Haffa’ Pereira — Inkwell Commons Part

The latest offering from Andre “Actually Everybody’s Father” Page’s Inkwell Commons imprint is a part from Rafael “Haffa” Pereira. I can’t exactly remember how many times I’ve heard Dre scold Haffa for his Grizzly grip, but I guess you have to be pretty stubborn to insist on going to skate fourteen stairs to begin with ♥

Filmed half in/around Boston, half in New York by Andre Page and Gatti.

Edited by Cruzctrl a.k.a. Eric Cruz.

He finally has the Inkwell site/shop up and running after 80 years. Pay her a visit.

Loosely related, but Dre has posting a ton of gems from old QS clips, etc. over on his personal Instagram as of late.

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Do What You Gotta Do

Inkwell Commons is an upstart project by Andre Page. Here is a brief video showcasing some of the people involved with it. Features Brendan Carroll, Josh Velez (in his most Puerto Rican-est performance yet), Andre Page, Tyler Tufty and Rafael Pereira. No one out of the ordinary. Same standard protocol QS cast list from the summer. (Be warned: There’s a sheet of Grizzly Grip in it.) More info soon.

Alternate YouTube link for the Vimeo weary.