Made Mistakes In ’98, But ’99 Will Be Better

Salomon Cardenas, Etienne Gagne + Jason Byoun share a part in the Frog video, Killer Skaters 2.

The first one-spot part of the decade: Sergio Rodas and Brian Douglas share a section entirely filmed at Scudder Plaza A.K.A. the Princeton University spot. It’s crazy how no matter what talk there is about the decline of plaza spots in the U.S., post-Love skateboarding on the east coast has coincided with a surge in footage from here, Empire State Plaza, Everson, etc. — all of which went largely under-covered in the two decades prior.

This video really tugs at the heartstrings of a certain era of spots… the marble platform at Beer Bar, the ledges on 31st and 3rd, the bad banks and manny pad on Tonnelle Avenue, etc. all appear in WOW, a new full-length video from the Travel Skateshop family out in New Jersey.

Our homie Haffa went out to L.A. for a week and came back with this three-minute part.

Not a ton of info on it, but E.C. II is a video out of Atlanta, with a bunch of New York footage and cameos from all the Homies Network dudes.

Skate Jawn has a feature on Stalin Plaza, which is apparently “saved,” but still in danger. Laughed at the part about how capitalistic interests are encroaching on a place where people celebrate life on the ashes of communism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk.

Village Psychic released its annual iPhone video, and it’s more globe-trotting than usual, and and and… Tiago is in it.

“Well Evan, I don’t like to fall so I would just do tricks that I could land.” Time travel back to the 1990s via this new Drake Jones interview — but not in like, a Jonah Hill way. (P.S. Flipped through the FTC book for the first time in a while and wow, need to sit down with that again.)

“I’m a fucking 42 year old man climbing a school roof by myself.” Slam City Skates interviewed my favorite skater to interview, Chad Muska. (See here and here for QS Muska stuff.)

Slap (the magazine, not the message board) staffers started an Instagram to digitize some of the publication’s archives.

Feds did a sweep :/ Due to copyright, SoundCloud did a purge, and disabled both of the mixes on the QS page for listeners in the United States. (If you’re abroad, they’ll still work.) We started a Mixcloud with both for anyone looking to revisit them in the States, and because we have something coming out in 2020 :) …it probably just has to get a bit warmer before it makes sense.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Well, that’s certainly one way to begin a basketball game.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “I’m not sure how private that link is, it already has 158 views.”
Kyota: “It went viral…in private.”

Probably the fifth year in a row embedding this mix on this day. Still perfect! ♥


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