Drive The Fiat Like It Was A Chevy

📷 Photo by Joel Meinholz

“I hate to lean on this clichéd-ass targeted-ad-ass assertion, but skateboarding is a global support system.” Zach Baker wrote a trip article about an Alltimers trip to Medellín for Thrasher. The video + Joel Meinholz’s photography from it are all included 🇨🇴 Somebody bring Tom Knox to that first plaza.

Known goat, Jawn Gardner, empties and shreds an abandoned pool in Bridgewater, NJ that was built during the Eisenhower administration, and skated as far back as the mid-80s — while giving us a nice history lesson in the process 🐐

Ron Allen is 60 years old 🤯

Joe Buffalo has a new part out for his Anti-Hero guest board. If you don’t know about Joe, please watch the New Yorker mini doc about him from 2021.

Share an espresso and hit the Astoria Park with Marcello Campanello, the latest subject of Jenkem’s “Hanging Out” video series. (Marcello’s Pocket “Followed” from last year might be the first time I ever took a restaurant recommendation from a skater’s “Day in the Life” video…)

Kyler Garrison and Dustin Eggeling skate to Babyface Ray and Steffen Watts + Brett Weinstein crush it in Variant, the latest video from Deep Dish out of Chicago. It’s gotta be one of the longest-running skate video franchises on earth at this point, no?

Our correspondent and “Favorite Spot” series mastermind, Farran Golding, was on the Beyond Boards podcast discussing his work on QS, Closer, GQ, Slam City Skates and more.

Nick “The Guy With the Voice” Boserio sits down with Slam City Skates for their “First and Last” series.

Take a voyage through New Jersey’s bountiful industrial parks in Sam Bolton’s Jersey-scene video, You Have 2 Huck. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

This feels like the beginning of an incredible series: Anthony Pappalardo the Writer dove into the bowels of eBay in search of skateboard artifacts and collectibles far more affordable than some deadstock deck from the early 90s. That 1-800-Collect keychain is fire.

“While a thoroughly entertaining watch, it was odd to think of this place known simply and somewhat frighteningly as ‘Rincon,’ becoming a location where a gold medal could be won.” Simple Magic explores the change in perception that happens when a legendary skate spot hosts an X-Games contest.

Ian Browning summed it up best: “The Times wrote about mismanaged privately-owned public plazas — the trade off with NYC where you can build taller skyscrapers if you build plazas around your skyscraper — and got a spot de-knobbed in the process.” To understand how this tradeoff benefited the progression of New York street skateboarding in the 1980s, please consult this section from Deathbowl to Downtown.

Pocket captures the organized insanity of Copenhagen Open in their latest installment of “Followed.”

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Seven minutes from the Sci-Fi Fantasy family + a mix of Carl Aikens Insta clips.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Inquisitive Gentlewoman: “We were wondering what it would take to wind up in jail in the Hamptons.”
Sweet Waste: “There’s no jails there. Only rehabs.”

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