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“It’s ironic and sad that a culture whose activity became popular enough to have space allotted for its own built environments would go on to design spaces according to its own tastes that would then become the worst environments for the further development and continuation of the culture.” Dave Caddo got on the Substack wave: Skait Brane explores how to better use street spots as a guiding light in how skateparks are designed. His latest is about how Pyramid Ledges succeeds at being a great place for skateboarding in a way that your average out-ledge at a skatepark does not.

“Once I started skating Pulaski, there was just simple shit that became way more important. Things like going faster, doing things properly, you didn’t have to flip into everything but you had to grind the ledge a certain way.” Skate Jawn has an interview with Carpet Company rider, Rashad Murray.

Kalis visits the graveyard of Love Park marble and checks in with the modern day Muni crew in the latest episode of the DGK series about him building a marble indoor park out in Michigan.

“He is a mission guy though, he is always on a mission.” The Slam City Skates blog profiled Hjalte Halberg and his brand, Dancer.

Whole lot of audio this week… 🔊

LENZ III auteur, Shinpei Ueno, is the latest to be featured on the Skate Muzik podcast.

Andrew Allen is the latest guest on the Angel & Z podcast.

Reese Forbes is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Antonio Durao takes the reigns of the latest edition of Jenkem’s mix series.

Farran Golding cut together some interview audio with Spanky to a mix of recent IG footy for Closer.

Given the #trend forecasting abilities of it-girls past and present, one has to wonder where Chloe Sevigny wearing the shoe that PJ Ladd filmed his Wonderful Horrible Life part in will lead the éS Accel in 2023…

Citibike turns ten this month. Hate it or love it, they changed the nature of skateboarding in New York.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Three minutes of Jake Anderson + ten minutes from the 2023 Girl team to remind you how incredible Rick McCrank still is.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Jalen Brunson ’22-’23 mixtape. Thank you for your service.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Rory Milanes: “Have you seen that Triangle of Sadness film?”
Danny Brady: “Nah, I’m too busy gaming, bro.”

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