Slow News Week

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Photo via sloanisabuller on the Gram

As noted yesterday, the web store more or less took priority over content this week. If you ordered by Wednesday night, say around 8 P.M., your order has been shipped. You should have received a confirmation in the e-mail you used for your order. If you ordered after Wednesday night, it should be shipped by Monday or Tuesday. Only grey mediums in hoodys and a bunch of tees left. Thanks for the support.

If you need something to watch, here is a “lost” Reese Forbes part that just made its way online. From some Quiksilver promo, and edited to the (then-current) musical stylings of a Curtis Jackson. Might be his last significant batch of footage along with his section from Nothing But The Truth (warning: *horrible* compression), which had some hot moves in it (grind the hubba, then kickflip up the steps omg), regardless of how you may feel about the video in its entirety. Reese is basically the blueprint for every “power skater” you see today, particularly the handsome ones. We’re fortunate none of those guys opted to run his Murray Hill plaid shorts look though…

Be back next week with some cool stuff.

Also, Recordings of Boardings is premiering Seasons Skateshop’s East of Lark video for the weekend. Shout out to Albany. (They have QS gear available, by the way…) Have a good weekend.

Trade Deadline


Yoooooo, obvs we out, but summer on Friday 4real.

#Surfboard Vines had a good run, but they’re officially done. This guy won.

Holy switch hardflip. Anyone else feel tempted to go buy a pink crewneck now?

Even in winter, the most productive skate crew in New York is still putting out three-minute montages. Fashion goes in cycles, so it makes sense that people are skating Verizon Banks again, albeit between hundreds of knobs.

It’s awesome that Chrome Ball never really shut down; it still has better interviews than everywhere else. The latest post-faux-mortem installment is with Reese Forbes, one of the most frequent recipients of “You had to see him skate in real life to really get it“-honors. Also, these ads were great.

Before you get too nostalgic about the nineties…(BTW, Blind jeans are back.)

A new part from history’s most prolific half cab boardslider, Jersey Dave.

Any clip with a Z-Ro song in it gets an automatic post. Still waiting for someone to skate to this

“Snowboarders, like, see the world differently, dude.”

The new all-night, short sleeve heavy montage from the Haha Funtime crew is going to make you really sad about the state of outdoor activity right now.

New Albany-centric video from Jeremy Jordan and friends.

Still Scummin’ is a cool 40-minute bro cam video of Jersey dudes skating around known haunts of the New York region. Austin Kanfoush’s part did it justice, but it’s perfectly reasonable to use “Fuck That Shit” in every single skate video that gets put out for the remainder of skateboarding’s existence.

ICYMI: Just like Robocop (or something?), Traffic Skateboards got rebooted. They have a new montage out that features Luke Malaney footage :)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Gotta be Waiters v.s. Hardaway J.R. in the rookie-sophomore game.

Quote of the Week: “I never thought switch skating was going to catch on. I’d tell people they’re better off investing their money in laser discs.” — Justin Barnes

metro boomin

Beanies are sold out until next winter. Thanks to anyone out there wearing one xoxo.