‘BRAT’ — The First Video By Carpet Company Is Live

Make skateboards, and people will ask, “who’s on the team?!”

Actually, it’s usually the first thing people ask when you start a board brand.

For the longest time, Carpet avoided answering that question, and kept forging ahead toward becoming one of today’s best brands by going against the grain: hand-printing and numbering every one of their boards that make it to the masses, engineering a custom-blank tee that you can quite literally feel the difference of when rummaging through your local shop’s shirt rack, and sticking to their roots in Baltimore, away from the hotbeds of the “industry.” Hell, they got their own building before they dropped a skate video.

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Just Wanna Huck

“It’s ironic and sad that a culture whose activity became popular enough to have space allotted for its own built environments would go on to design spaces according to its own tastes that would then become the worst environments for the further development and continuation of the culture.” Dave Caddo got on the Substack wave: Skait Brane explores how to better use street spots as a guiding light in how skateparks are designed. His latest is about how Pyramid Ledges succeeds at being a great place for skateboarding in a way that your average out-ledge at a skatepark does not.

“Once I started skating Pulaski, there was just simple shit that became way more important. Things like going faster, doing things properly, you didn’t have to flip into everything but you had to grind the ledge a certain way.” Skate Jawn has an interview with Carpet Company rider, Rashad Murray.

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