Still devastated after finding out that his Yeah Right! part was fake back in September. Never thought Takeshi 6ix9ine would be the one to ruin all of our childhoods…

Crawled under a rock Friday morning? Dime’s Knowing Mixtape Volume 2 is live.

Safe to say that Marcello won the Pyramid Ledges best trick contest that Jenkem has going on. Wow.

Rashad Murray’s part in the D.C-based Bottleneck video rips.

Chris Mulhern has a new “Untitled” edit up on the TWS site, which starts with what is essentially a new Yaje Popson part (that Muni line!) Also, the new generation out of Philly is super fun to watch.

Labor woke up and made a truck with Venture. Here’s the accompanying montage filmed around the city, featuring a bunch of shop riders and affiliates :)

“The title of the video pertains to trap doors, people being trapped in time, trapped in their ways, and trapped in a place.  Growing up in the Rust Belt many have a sense of being trapped.” Skate Jawn has a photo feature + article about the Rust Belt Trap video.

…anndd they also have an interview with Alltimers rider, Stafhon Boca

A five-minute recap of Gang Corp’s Halloween contest at L.E.S. Park.

Despite Twitter conspiracies about regional pizza biases or something like that, the Chicago-based Deep Dish series is universally loved in the QS office. Deep Dish Seven is now playing over on the Free site.

Here’s a new teaser for the 15th & JFK documentary about Love Park.

Diego Nájera really likes that wooden bench spot across from the Fairway on 125th.

Habitat has an iPhone edit from a New York to Ohio road trip that features some Austyn Gillette cameos.

Omg was *just* talking about this! The New York Times has an article about the growing prominence of “hostile architecture.” And ummm, “a 2017 audit by Scott M. Stringer, the city comptroller, found that more than half of the spaces at that time had violated various city requirements and failed to provide mandated amenities that could encourage public use.”

“It’s all because of the city, they gave us the keys and backed off, they put trust in us. I talked to a lot of people in other cities who tried doing this, and certain personalities made it as hard as possible for them.” Here’s an optimisic read about Community Push and the end of Detroit’s Wig Skatepark. And on another note…

The city tore down all the obstacles at the Utica Avenue D.I.Y. spot A.K.A. Spiker’s Island. Thanks to Max and everyone who kept the spot going for as long as they did.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Don’t really link Shaqtin’ A Fool type shit on here, but this was too funny.

Quote of the Week: “I just realized that it’s called Birdhouse because it’s Tony Hawk’s company. I always thought it was just some random name.” — Shrimp C

Friendly reminder that America could’ve had Jeffrey but it chose Bruno Mars :(