Detroit Report — Nick Rainey & Friends in JORP’s ‘Johnny Ca$h Radio’ Video

QS (and Free Skate Mag!) favorite Nick Rainey starred in and masterminded a new video for his crew’s JORP imprint. Minus a few Chicago clips, the entire video is filmed in Detroit at the sort of spots that a U.K. skater would feel at home at. Perhaps that’s why there’s such a high affinity for Mr. Rainey’s work at Free HQ. Prop grate ingenuity, absolute dogshit asphalt (honestly, who thinks, “yeah, I’m gonna try and ollie into that“) and signs serving as micro-rollaways are the terrain at hand, while everything from Kingpin Skinny Pimp to classic rock radio standards soundtrack a good time from the new generation coming out of Detroit.

Every friends section from now on is required to mimic a movie studio logo animation like the one above. Those are the rules.

Shout out to every town’s local seven set. You know the one.

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How To Have A Good Time in Detroit — An Interview with ‘Minted’ Videographer, Justin Bohl

📝 Words by Mike Munzenrider
📷 Photos by Justin Bohl, Daniel Stelly & Max Garson

Could your skate scene use a Justin Bohl? The 39-year-old Detroit skater and filmer, whose most recent video is called Minted, says he improved 88 spots while filming the video, and no, a simple bondo job doesn’t count. Bohl’s total only includes spots that required an hour or more to fix – his most involved jobs, like, replacing dirt with brand-new sidewalk squares, could take upwards of 40 hours. Some 41 spots he fixed for the video had never been skated; he says he spent $3,500-plus to make it all happen.

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Bed, Snacks & Beyond

📷 via @mariosk8

Zered is the latest subject of the Lookback Library’s “Cover Discussions” series, chatting about his three Transworld covers and three Skateboarder covers. (Crazy he hasn’t had a Thrasher one before, especially given the Massachusetts connection with Phelps.)

“Caller 10” is a crustaceous journey by Pittsburgh’s Radio Skateshop through one of the roughest cities for skate spots. Includes a great Zach Funk part to close it out.

While we’re on the topic of crust, peep Adam Meuller’s part in Justin Bohl’s Detroit video, Minted, which includes everything from lines on broken boats through abandoned buildings to polejams out of snow piles.

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Bounce With Manners

Love the trees in this one 🌳🌴 Coles Bailey by Stafhon Boca

Cyrus talks the road his pro career has taken through Polar, 917 and Limo + injury recovery in the latest installment of Thrasher‘s “Out There” series by Waylon Bone.

From New Jersey to Hong Kong and back again: Simple Magic got their Patrick Radden Keefe on and tried to track down the origins of the mysterious bootleg Bobby Puleo boards that have been popping up all over the world for two decades.

Great skate cities alert 🚨 —CAN’T HAVE SHIT” is an 11-minute Detroit edit from Cooper Vosburg, and Baltimore Pleasure is a 20-minute Baltimore scene video by Ryan Schroeder with a fire Spencer Brown part at the end. Always great seeing footage from both of these places.

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Midtown Sundays, Museum Mondays

Antonio via Paul Coots. The footage of this one was in the 2018 “End of Summer” edit, but felt worth reminding everyone how insane it was. This photo does it great justice ♥ Just observe the height ;)

Jawn Gardner uses his gifts to do what nobody else can in an incredible new Earth Day part. The line at CBS is maybe the most third-eye-open choreography that place has ever seen.

What an amazing idea for a feature… “‘Perfect Days’ will interview familiar faces in the Boston and Northeast scene, and pose them with the simple question: what was one of your favorite sessions ever?” The Orchard Skate Shop blog is following the footsteps of the Slam City Skates blog in creating good, old-fashioned web content outside the Insta-sphere. Kevin Coakley is the inaugural edition. (Fwiw, all-time favorite skate day around here is probably Yume Farm with *literally everybody* in fall 2018 ♥)

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