Midtown Sundays, Museum Mondays

Antonio via Paul Coots. The footage of this one was in the 2018 “End of Summer” edit, but felt worth reminding everyone how insane it was. This photo does it great justice ♥ Just observe the height ;)

Jawn Gardner uses his gifts to do what nobody else can in an incredible new Earth Day part. The line at CBS is maybe the most third-eye-open choreography that place has ever seen.

What an amazing idea for a feature… “‘Perfect Days’ will interview familiar faces in the Boston and Northeast scene, and pose them with the simple question: what was one of your favorite sessions ever?” The Orchard Skate Shop blog is following the footsteps of the Slam City Skates blog in creating good, old-fashioned web content outside the Insta-sphere. Kevin Coakley is the inaugural edition. (Fwiw, all-time favorite skate day around here is probably Yume Farm with *literally everybody* in fall 2018 ♥)

A minute and a half of Hjalte gems via The Skate Loop, which has a YouTube now :)

Crust level on ten in Josh Feist’s new “Traffic Report” section. The shaky sidewalk tile bank at the end is nuts.

Went to Detroit for a House of Vans event two winters ago, and everyone’s been claiming going back when it’s warm ever since. Justin Bohl’s new “every clip is filmed in Detroit” full-length, Something Old, Something New, gives some extra motivation to hopefully make that a reality this year.

Two minutes of ledge mastery from the ledge-skating capital of the east coast via Lee Madden on the VX.

Skate media types love asking Gilbert Crockett about pants. Solo waits 4 or 5 questions before getting to it.

Japan’s VHS Mag has an interview / video profile piece on New York skateboarding O.G., Rodney Smith.

L.E.S. Park 420 check light up ;)

Congrats to Brooklyn Skate Garden on securing $300k (!!) in funding from the city via the Participatory Budgeting process. (The Banks restoration page is still on there, btw. Not sure how that’s going.)

Take this for what you want: The E.U. is allowing American tourists in this summer.

Quote of the Week: “How the fuck does the best man miss the wedding bro?” — Overheard Construction Worker

Just remembered that Max Palmer skated to French Montana


  1. antonio is the best. Such a nice guy, and criminally underrated. i’ve seen him show up to spots, no filmer, and put down hammer after hammer on a warm up

    switch flipping that set across from world trade (and switch back heel too) is bonkers.

  2. You don’t need a fucking MBA to come to the conclusion that a company that hasn’t posted on Insta in over half of a year and whose website doesn’t exist anymore is not longer in business.

  3. I really can’t wait for the Strobeck style of filming to begin to phase out. It is overdue :(

  4. interesting that you chose a period where the knicks are actually good to abandon all nba coverage

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