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Zered is the latest subject of the Lookback Library’s “Cover Discussions” series, chatting about his three Transworld covers and three Skateboarder covers. (Crazy he hasn’t had a Thrasher one before, especially given the Massachusetts connection with Phelps.)

“Caller 10” is a crustaceous journey by Pittsburgh’s Radio Skateshop through one of the roughest cities for skate spots. Includes a great Zach Funk part to close it out.

While we’re on the topic of crust, peep Adam Meuller’s part in Justin Bohl’s Detroit video, Minted, which includes everything from lines on broken boats through abandoned buildings to polejams out of snow piles.

Christian Kerr’s YouTube page โ€” the internet’s premier source for Gabe Tennen footage โ€” is back with another bro cam video that includes โ€” yes! โ€” Gabe Tennen footage.

Mike Gigliotti is the latest guest on the Angel & Z podcast.

Excited for the new Sk8Mafia video for obvious reasons (Alexis! Wes! Lil’ B! Stephen Lawyer!), but really curious to find out how this turned out

Heckride has an interview with new Hockey rider, Joseph Campos.

Jenkem spoke to an array of today’s most active filmers to confirm everybody’s worst fears: there is no upcoming camera to replace the dominance of the HVX, HPX and VX. In other words, your savings account will continue to be held hostage by the chance of a stratched or broken fisheye 📹

“It wouldโ€™ve been a good deal of fun to have Jordan Trahan around in the early 1990s curb combo days, to see what kind of ripples his formulations might have created in the broader space-time continuum and what may have been named after him.” Boil the Ocean’s summertime mixtape series continues

Raise your hand if you know a skate shop that became a vape shop 👋 Everyone’s complaining about everything all the time โ€” except the guys who opened up vape shops: “How the Vape Shops Won.” (And if you don’t know how to get around a paywalled article in 2023, idk what to tell you buddy!)

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 โ€” Three minutes of Brian Anderson loosies where he’s either skating barefoot or in the wildest, expensivest Dunks he had (yes, I know expensivest isn’t a word, grammar police commenter) + two minutes of loose clips from Ibu Sanyang.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’re closer to Homer’s age than Bart’s age.” โ€” Zach Baker

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