Bounce With Manners

Love the trees in this one 🌳🌴 Coles Bailey by Stafhon Boca

Cyrus talks the road his pro career has taken through Polar, 917 and Limo + injury recovery in the latest installment of Thrasher‘s “Out There” series by Waylon Bone.

From New Jersey to Hong Kong and back again: Simple Magic got their Patrick Radden Keefe on and tried to track down the origins of the mysterious bootleg Bobby Puleo boards that have been popping up all over the world for two decades.

Great skate cities alert 🚨 β€”CAN’T HAVE SHIT” is an 11-minute Detroit edit from Cooper Vosburg, and Baltimore Pleasure is a 20-minute Baltimore scene video by Ryan Schroeder with a fire Spencer Brown part at the end. Always great seeing footage from both of these places.

What a difference a longer ledge makes! Columbus Circle reports are #trending: one from Chris Cardenas starring Connor Champion + one from Neema Joorabchi starring the til it’s gone crew.

Theories interviewed Philadelphia-based videographer Jake Todd about his Devil’s Pocket video + has a premiere of Brian O’Malley’s part. (“I’ve heard a lot of outlets are pulling back on the hosting a project every day vibe this year.” Frankly, thank God.)

Back In The Day is a retrospective project by Greg Sohn with 2006-2013 era footage from the North Jersey scene at the time. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

📍 Added “Side Effect on the Northrop Mall,” an edit filmed exclusively at the Northrop Mall at the University of Minnesota to the QS One-Spot Part Map. Spotted via Village Psychic.

Boil the Ocean considers the landscape of innovation in skateboard hardware, with Girl’s “Longneck Hardware” as the impetus.

ICYMI 🛍 β€” We put the leftovers from the QS Carhartt WIP stuff on sale in the webstore. Mostly smalls in tops + big sizes on the work pants. Out of all the celeb sightings in QS gear over the years, Jason Alexander’s has to be the best, and yes, that piece is sold out.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 β€” A few minutes of loosies from Salomon CardeΓ±as.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 β€” The highlights of the past week are probably more centered around Kyrie trade drama and …brawls, so let’s revel in the hilarity of this being the last thing that happened before five people got ejected in the Minnesota-Orlando scuffle.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Yo, you all look like you play soccer! …want some coke, guys?” β€” Random Guy To Skaters On The Street in Murray Hill

Were you looking for an hour-and-a-half of Gangsta Boo to begin your Monday? You’re in luck!


  1. Oh my god the Lady in the beginning of the Neema vid is the crazy bitch with the ancient Pomeranians that lives in my building and all the doormen make fun of. I’m dying.

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