Bags to the Sky

Dutchy by Ben Colen 📷

Pocket did a day in the life with the Rat Ratz crew out in Milan 🇮🇹

Here’s a 17-minute raw Max Palmer fan edit that somebody compiled, dating back to the days when the Delancey Curbs were a popping spot. If you want some additional Max entertainment, you might want to run back Johnny Wilson’s front nose compilation from 2019 :)

Baked Beans” is an 18-minute New York scene video by Hannah Goodman. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

Boil the Ocean explores sound design in 2023 skate videos, with a focus on Lenz III, the new Bobby DeKeyzer part, and the [purported] end of DatPiff.

Jake Hayes has an all-New York part for Dickies live on the Thrasher site. Kickflip front board on that tall World Trade rail was 🔥

Simple Magic considers what skate companies nineties sitcom stars would be sponsored by.

The Element video extras from QS-fave, Eetu Toropainen, are a good use of ten minutes before you go skate.

“Skateboarding meant as much to some kid skating a brick in a village in the middle of nowhere by himself as it did to somebody who had the best spots on their doorstep and who got all their stuff for free.” The Slam City Skates blog has a #longform interview with the mind behind Science Versus Life.

“If you wanted LSD on the east coast, you went to Central Park.” Not directly skate related, but we’ve shared a lot of Matt Weber’s photos on here in the past, so seems extra appropriate: the Angel & Z podcast has an interview with Weber about getting into photography via driving a taxi cab in a much different version of New York, dating back to the seventies.

TWS has an lil’ feature about Josh Kalis trying to build a private indoor skatepark with Love Park-style granite.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Two minutes from David Stenström with a West Park banger at the end + four minutes from Jesse Alba + five minutes with E.T. that includes a noseslide or two.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — We don’t run college highlights much, but caught half of UCLA v.s. Gonzaga on a bar TV, and Julian Strawther’s Steph Curry impression for the win has to take it this week.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “If you think about it, before Trukfit, skateboarding wasn’t that dope.” — Stafhon

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