In The House Like Cory

Photo via Waxing the Curb

Our collaboration with Classic Griptape is now live on the World’s Best Griptape webstore.

…is it? Can it be? Is it …really? It is! It is! It’s John Choi in the new Limosine edit! “I Just Took A Bite Of Dirt” dropped right after the QS office closed for the weekend. After-black Max Palmer hammers are the best types of after-black hammers.

Fork Your Former Dinner Or U Cant Have Shit” by Phat House is a New Jersey and Philly video that probably has the deepest dive for spots out of anything to come out this year. Double cellar doors between buildings, stacks of cinderblocks and landings into running water — incredible work from everybody involved.

Stephán Lewis has a new edit out with a bunch of familiar faces: “Apple Sauce Volume 1.” That wavy rail through the grass is bound to becoming a #thing in 2023, right?

“Landing that was probably one of the biggest reliefs I’ve ever had in my life. I tried it for about five years, and tried it maybe twice a year.” Heckride interviewed Stu Kirst about the drop-in on Water Street, among other things ❤️

Johnny Wilson was on the Say You Swear podcast talking about the Sideyard days, realizing you have COVID 2/3 of the way through a bike ride to Montauk, and working on Supreme’s Play Dead video.

R.B. Umali was the latest guest on the Angel & Z podcast.

Did you see Mark Del Negro’s part in Chris Mulhern’s “[untitled] 006” video yet?

“Glad I Was There” is the new edit from Juan Reyna and squad.

Village Psychic interviewed Andrew Reynolds about cutting shoes in half.

Jenkem measured the backside ollie Jace Detomasso did in DUPLEX 4 and anointed it bigger than the Leap of Faith Jamie Thomas made famous in Thrill of it All, the bail of which was perhaps the most widely-shared skate video clip on the early internet. (Related: Simple Magic made a spot name generator in the Leap of Faith’s honor.)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — First Knicks highlight of the Sports Desk season baby! Jalen Brunson sends Caruso to the floor. 16-13, baby! 2023 NBA Champions! Three-peat on the way! Obbi Toppin S.O.T.Y!

Quote of the Week 🗣
Observant Gentleman: “Can’t believe all it took for him to agree to skate Columbus Circle is someone waxing the higher ledge.”
Jefé: “New ledge, new mindset.”

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