‘DUPLEX 4’ Is Now Live

Photography by Scott Brothers 📷

The Duplex dudes out of West Palm Beach have been on an absolute tear these past two years, and still found room to kick 2022 into hyperdrive. DUPLEX 3 dropped this past spring, and in the eight months since, they’ve come back with a sequel, somehow expanding the crew even further — if the increased size of the crowd celebrating at the bottom of each stair-set is any indicator.

With so much of the December conversation steered towards a select few superstars’ productivity over the past year, it’s important to recognize crew efforts, especially when you can feel that giddy love for making skateboard videos permeate through the screen in the final product.

Filmed from April 2022 to November 2022, mostly in south Florida.

Features Jace Detomasso, Kyler Brandt, Noah Pollard, Wes Streett, Corbin Madsen, Nico JonRico, John Dilorenzo, Dan Lundy, Sean O’Connor, Carlos Mendoza, Jake Sanso, Jordan Jones, Garrett Haschke and others.

Kyler Brandt by Scott Brothers 📷

Garret Haschke by Scott Brothers 📷

Jace Detomasso by Scott Brothers 📷


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