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QS x The World’s Best Griptape™ is a good home for your Christmas $ ❤️

For a more curated best of 2022 run-down than our crowd-sourced one, Boil the Ocean is in the midst of its annual top ten list of the year’s finest video parts. Jahmir ✅, Elijah ✅ and Diego ✅.

Simple Magic ran down a list of the year’s best skateboard writing. Shout out for the nod on Frozen in Carbonite’s griptape piece from June, and Ian Browning’s L.E.S. Park profile from August.

The Skate Muzik podcast also dropped its year-in-review podcast running through notable #musicsupervision selections from the past 12 months of skate videos. Shout out to the Louke Man song from the Limosine edit.

Thrasher posted up the photos from Tyshawn’s S.O.T.Y. party. If you’re still mad, just know that he’ll be earning a third 😘 (The NBA recently renamed and redesigned the MVP trophy in honor of Michael Jordan, wonder when Thrasher is gonna angle for a rebranded trophy…)

The New York Times profiled Bill Strobeck.

If you’re 30+ and in need of some inspo to get out there in the winter, these ten minutes of recent Josh Kalis raw files should do the trick.

CURBS & CANS” is a ten-minute edit filmed entirely at Pulaski Park by Jake Sanders Smith.

DGK posted up the raw files to Will Mazzari’s last part on account of him getting the pro nod.

ICYMI: Daniel Dent dropped an incredible video last Friday, which mined every single sidewalk in L.A. for any skateable crumb. Features all of the Frog brodies 🐸

Another ICYMI: Whether you knew him from 917 days, the Hélas part, or just skating MACBA on IG, Pedro Attenborough is on Palace and dropped his first triangle part last week.

Village Psychic and Skate Jawn threw a food drive skate jam at the Vans Space 198 park. The Psychic recap is here and the Skate Jawn recap is here. New Years Resolution for all of y’all is be nicer to Jersey Dave, even if you’re already nice to him! ;)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Ayo Dosunmu proving that life is all a matter of putting yourself in the right place, at the right millisecond.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Meatball, Searching For A Weed Grinder He Left Behind At A Bar The Night Before: “Excuse me miss, did you happen to find a grinder here last night?”
Waitress: “…am I on Grindr? No.”

The ender has the best sound design of a skate trick in 2022. Also one of the year’s best parts.

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  1. pat g is the best skater on Lakai and he for sure does not get paid by us

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