Pedro Attenborough’s ‘Fellas’ Part

Hélas’ multi-“disc” Fellas video has revealed itself to be something of the Wu Tang Forever of European skateboarding in 2019. Yet out of all the places they could’ve put Jesus and Javier’s guest tricks, they rightfully picked Pedro’s part.

There is no shortage of people who are good at skating MACBA — you probably follow ten of them on Instagram. But Pedro’s skating has always shined bright in the MACBA-as-content-farm era: he has a crisp flick, and stands on everything in a way that betrays any suspicions you might hold about him having remnants of little kid style. We first saw him skate in real life during the iconic 2015 917 trip to Paris when nobody filmed anything, and he has gotten eons better since then.

Was going to say something about how instead of speaking in terms of “the Mount Rushmore of _____,” we should update the metric to be more like “an Uber XL containing ____,” given that those three extra slots account for how many incredible skateboarders there are now (and it just seems less dramatic than carving faces into stone) — but then remembered that Barcelona doesn’t have Uber.

Either way, it is nice to see Pedro upholding the tradition of powerful ledge tricks in the world’s ledge skating capital, with the craft’s finest practitioners offering up their co-signs alongside him.

Get a free Fellas DVD with any purchase over on the Hélas shop, then head over to the Free site to re-watch Lucas’ part.