Feels Good To Be Here

Photo by Zach Baker 📷

File under: No way you haven’t see this yet, right? Cyrus, Nick Matthews and Mason Silva pay tribute to Keith Hufnagel covertly + overtly in the new HUF x Nike SB edit.

“I grew up thinking that skaters are just skaters. They just do what they do, not like, ‘Oh this guy has got spiked hair and a choker, let’s get him on.'” Jenkem interviewed Josh Wilson about coming up and growing up ❤️

Jenkem has also become the de facto source for any news on hacks for getting clips at the Roosevelt Island monument. The latest one is that you go in without a skateboard, on a Citibike.

Yaje hits Pyramid Ledges for some quick set-up lines + a couple of enders down the U.N. Hubba in a new, quick part for Alien.

Three minutes of Aaron Loreth loosies! And five minutes of Bobby DeKeyzer loosies!

Simple Magic asks: is Hollywood High suddenly #relevant again?

Wish every city had something like this β€” a spot map that isn’t just a list of pins, but a truly historical perspective and narrative woven through the still-standing options of where to skate in a given place. Farran Golding just put the finishing touches on Civic Leeds, a spot resource for his northern U.K. city that doubles as a video library for the scene. Makes us want to spruce up the QS spotbook ;)

Lil’ late on this, but Village Psychic posted the recap from the HSS Halloween skate jam at Blue Park.

ICYMI: Few things in skate videography are as hard as pulling off an actually good *skit*, which is why few people outside of the watchful gaze of Spike Jonze in the nineties have ever pulled it off. However, the WKND “Alan Gelfand High” piece is incredible. Didn’t want it to end. Nothing quite like a collab with a …rollerblade company to get your creative juices going.

The Mostly Skateboarding crew chatted about that WKND skit + the new Alltimers video in their latest.

Boil the Ocean wrote about “Alan Gelfand High” as well.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 β€” Our buddy Laust said this Knicks fan hitting a halfcourt shot for a new car was the most exciting thing to happen to the Knicks in ten years. Considering the Linsanity streak is already over ten years old now, he’s probably right.

Quote of the Week 🗣
[while discussing Elijah’s second song in the Alltimers video]
Shawty Lo Fan: “My favorite part is when he says he couldn’t have done it without ya, but guess what, he still did it without ya.”
Pryce: “My favorite part is when he says it feels good to be here.”


  1. Shout out Josh Wilson – nosegrind pop out above the BQE fruit streets – epic trick forever a legend for that

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