Alltimers’ New Video, ‘You Deserve It,’ Is Now Live

If you were too young to have experienced the real-time reign of the skaters most synonymous with the nineties — but had already clocked your 10,000 hours of watching skate videos by the time, say, Jake Johnson hit the scene — there’s a decent chance you carry a vivid memory of first seeing Zered in a video (especially if you grew up in the northeast.)

Almost everyone’s favorite skaters in youth carry something within reach, and age is something we can all relate to: “Who the fuck is this kid skating better than everyone, who came out of nowhere, at spots that my friends hit last weekend?” (Reach ten years back, and you’ll find someone older saying the same thing about Mariano, maybe minus the spots.) You grow up with them, in a way that a shrimp watching Sight Unseen when it dropped probably can’t grow up alongside Heath Kirchart. And seeing those specific skaters still doing it and reinventing themselves fifteen, twenty years down the line carries a golden weight incomparable to much else.

You Deserve It is The Zered Video™, but just before him, it’s maybe Will Marshall’s best part to date, and before that, it’s Stafhon Boca’s first-ever part, and before that, it’s Dana and Bri finally sharing a part together, and before that, it’s — just, idk, a lot enjoy.

Features Elijah Odom, Dustin Henry, Salomon Cardenas, Adrian Vega, Dougie , Ben Blundell, Charles Rivard, Etienne Gagne, Coles Bailey, Dana Ericson, Brianna Delaney, Stafhon Boca, Will Marshall, Zered Bassett, and Alexis Sablone.


  1. Roll call for my people who were at the vicious cycle premiere at Rival Skateshop ✋

  2. how does will marshall make every trick look so non-chalant? every trick looks like a warm up, arms relaxed, light crouch… idk, he makes it look easy

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