Breeze From the East

Our webstore is now chirping with summer QS goods. Thanks for your support, as always ❤️ Available in U.S. QS accounts now. Arriving internationally now 🌏 Photo via Prov Tokyo.

This video rules: “Nice On” by Par Skateboards out of New Jersey. Perhaps the first skate video to be cross-edited with golf footage, so if golf hits the #trendwatch, you know where the nascency was. Otherwise, an all-around inspirational watch on the levels of fun you could squeeze out of hanging out in a industrial park with your friends.

“What happens when Kim Kardashian posts a picture wearing one of your hats?” Village Psychic spoke to Jerry Hsu about the ins-and-outs of starting a brand in the era where everyone has a brand + about the 1993 Foundation team, naturally.

Part 3 of “Road Heads,” Bust Crew’s B-sides video, is now live. There’s a New York section starting around the ~17 minute mark.

Our family Alex Dymond (mastermind behind many QS projects) was on the Complex Sneakers Podcast talking about design ‘n things.

Troy Gipson is the latest guest on the “Angel & Z” podcast.

Taji had a catch-up hang out with Billy Rohan and the Jenkem dudes. Congrats to Ian and the team at Jenkem on ten years as well 🏆

Louie Lopez runs through the approach of making F.A. video projects as he narrates his “Days of Grace” part for Farran’s feature in the first issue of Closer.

“To say that the trick is poetic is to sell it short, though. It’s so gorgeous, the way he catches it, flaunting the poverty of our language to describe it, much the same way Jake Johnson’s nollie backside flip over the same gap left us speechless 15 years ago.” Waxing the Curb reviews Glue Skateboards’ latest video, wick & spit.

Lil bit of U.K. content to round it out — 30 minutes of raw loosies from the Atlantic Drift dudes (impatiently waiting on that Istanbul Atlantic Drift to drop…) + an IG loosies comp from QS-fave, Korahn Gayle.

The Slam City Skates blog has a career-spanning interview with first-wave Palace rider and Static video mainstay, Olly Todd.

Quote of the Week 🗣
E.J: “Can he go with you guys? He doesn’t know which way Tompkins is.”
Kevin Tierney: “I wish I didn’t know where Tompkins was.”

Well aware of how lazy the “can’t believe so-and-so is already such-and-such years old” genre of internet content is, but the fact that this part (and the Rich Gang mixtape) are already eight years old this year is wild. We never hungover.


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