That’s Tory Lanez Cousin!

Photo by Keith Denley 📸 R.I.P. Shorty’s

Could not stop watching this video. Nah, it’s not a skate clip.

Ville has been more than few friends’ favorite skater for a minute now. This 20-minute compilation of loosies should be what you watch if you’re going skating today ❤️

Somebody compiled a half-hour of Instagram clips from all the Bronze dudes.

The New Orleans section from last year’s Skate Jawn video is a lot of fun.

A bunch of Philly heads and a mini Matt Militano ender section to round out the new edit from O.J. Wheels.

Not sure how those silver cylinders in Battery Park have re-emerged as such a hot spot, but Monica Torres does a beast switch flip over one in a commercial reminding you that there’s truly only one bearing brand.

Monster Children has a quick interview with Naquan Rollings.

Heckride interviewed Ben Kadow.

Not sure if there’s been a Mark interview yet? Mark Humienik is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Skate Jawn interviewed Isaac White. “Both Neils are pro!”

“Is the Suski grind an underutilized gem or detritus better carted away as more profitable seams are mined? Plenty worse tricks, not limited to misadapted ramp moves such as the Losi grind and objectively bad ones like the Willy, have managed to not only periodically resurface but occasionally get elevated in big vids, or argue for erasing the concept of ‘illegal tricks’ altogether.” Boil the Ocean grapples with the Suski grind’s increased presence in 2022 skate videos.

“Style is not simply a matter of force, but rather, possessing the patience and wisdom to know how much a given situation calls for.” Waxing the Curb writes about the ethos of Portland skateboarding via the lens of Brent Atchley’s new part.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Giannis sending it into overtime over Brooklyn in what was probably the game of the year.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Jersey Dave, doing the door at the Vans park: “Are you on the list for tonight?”
Girl Next To Apparently Tory Lanez’ Cousin: “You don’t know who that is?! That’s Tory Lanez’ cousin!”

R.I.P. Mrs. Costanza.


  1. bro her face when she screams “i have no eye for fashion?” gets me every time

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