Twenty Twenty Two

Happy New Year 🍾 Pleased to report that the latest round of QS merch is available at fine shops across the U.S. now. Canada + Australia probably this week. Japan, Europe + Korea definitely this week ❤️ The QS webstore will launch with the new line on Friday, January 7 @ 12 P.M. E.S.T. Thank you for the support, as always.

Such a pleasure watching Jahmal Williams skate. He has a solid batch of footy in the new Hopps x Labor edit, which also includes some third-eye-open spot choreography at D7 of all places.

New Josh Paynter video blog full of creative spot digging went up just before the new year. Love these a lot. 10/10.

It’s Fine” is the end-of-the-year edit from the Andrew Skateshop crew down in Miami.

Like the ancient proverb says, “Nobody skates NYC harder than the Arizona drink company skateboard team,” and they have… #another #one 👆

“We’re the best of friends and he’s like a brother to me. Then I saw his footage and saw he was trying to murder me.” This lllooonnnggg interview with Daewon Song (as in, maybe save it for the plane) made me realize that Rodney v.s. Daewon was the original Verzuz battle 🧠 Wondering what that 2022 format of a skate video would entail.

Bust Crew videographer, Will Rosenstock, has a B-roll feature up on Heckride. Pretty good explanation of how hectic that Roosevelt Island bank is to get a clip on + some advice on not sharing cigarettes with pigeons.

Boil the Ocean puts in a #1 vote for Joey O’Brien having the best part of 2021 + offers ten honorable mentions for the #20-11 slots.

Isaac White is the latest subject of Skate Jawn‘s always great “$100 Chill” feature.

The Mostly Skateboarding podcast interviewed John Marello, the creator of Chocolate’s new Bunny Hop video + the Skate Muzik podcast’s 2021 #musicsupervision year-in-review episode is live.

Village Psychic dropped an extended edition of their annual “Phone Dump” edit featuring V.S. family and friends.

Flushing football day on the Hi-8, circa November 2019.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: This Indiana fan reaction to DeRozen’s game-winner.

Quote of the Week: “Can’t believe it; this must be what Pad feels like every day.” — Jesse Alba on his S.O.T.Y. win