Wish It Were Sunday

Here is a rundown of skate spots located at landmarks named after Martin Luther King Jr. — though the most famous is the ledge spot in Miami and that got omitted. (Also! The benches have been knobbed for a decade-plus, but MLK High School on 66th and Amsterdam has the janky runway 13 that got tre flip’d in The HSS Video.)

“You trying to skate?
“Where you going?”
“We’re going to ConEd.”
Nah, I’m good.”

👆 This actually sounds like 90% of the conversations ever had about Con-Ed Banks. Congrats to Max Palmer for his Best Special Effects Oscar nomination, and to Max Hull for his Best Director nod!

Zach Baker interviewed Dustin Henry for the inaugural Mess Skate Mag: listen on Soundcloud.

2021 Skater of the Year, Jordan Trahan, is on the mix for the latest Bronze 56k radio.

“As for Natalie Imbruglia… God, I’m so glad we used that song.” Village Psychic got the backstory behind the RESPECTFULLY video.

This must be in the “there’s no way you haven’t seen this”-category for most people: Anthony Claravall made a Leonardo Bodelazzi part for Free (nollie the gap between the blocks at Barcelona’s Universitat spot from last week’s Top 10), where he does a fakie front blunt on Pyramid Ledges (basically T.J’s trick from “BLESSED” but fakie), a switch front blunt into the Grant’s Tomb double-bank, and a bunch of other wild shit.

Terror of Planet X videos are always enjoyable, and always filled with crust — just look at the run-up and landing of that second-to-last bump-to-bar 5050. “Crop Circles Volume 2” is no exception.

Forever rooting for the turnaround success of Tumblr, the one social media network where nobody seems to be trying to sell you anything ❤️

José Vadi wrote about Gabriel Rodriguez, the Santa Monica Courthouse, and its upcoming reconstruction.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀Ja Morant with two hands, with rocket packs under his shoes.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Do you miss the Fully Flared days when you didn’t have to post on social media?”
Danny Brady: “No, I miss the Blueprint days when I didn’t have to flip out of everything.”

Been posting this same mix on this day for 5+ years now. 2022 is no different.

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