‘The HSS Video’ By Halloween Stickers Skateboards

Photo by Sam McKenna

Our brainwaves are well-accustomed to the experience of watching a friends video by: wholesome vibes, seshing the same spots together, smiles, daps, hugs, beers, someone hucks more than the others.

But sometimes, our expectations get thrown with the last part. Sly videomakers will hold out until the very end. P.J. Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life is the most famous example of this; The Hardbody Video inverted this approach earlier this year.

Maybe you caught Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco’s Suppy during 2020’s Skateboard Oscars Season, one of the more low-key releases from the footage onslaught that coincides with the final three months of the year. If you’re not sure, do you remember seeing a clip of a guy kickflipping the double set at the Escape From New York church? Yeah, that’s pretty hard to forget.

That same crew did it again and did it even better this year, more formally branded with the collective’s hardgoods imprint, Halloween Stickers Skateboards. Same wholesome vibes, a slightly wider net of travel as restrictions began to lift this past year, and an even more insane Liam McCabe part saved until the end. Dude was really on one that day he threw on the green sweater and decided to go skate the westside with his boys ♥

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco. 3D Animation: Nick Lane. Other Titles & Animation: Sam Cardelfe


  1. wardrobe choices were so awful it actually took away from how great the skating was.

  2. saw a comment on slap about this video that says their pants are either 6 years in the past or 4 years in the future depending on how you look at it and that seems like the best summary for anyone talking about wardrobe choices

  3. if you don’t understand how resonant/evocative a properly chosen pair of pants can be (and, conversely, just how quickly bad pants can ruin otherwise perfectly good footage) maybe this isn’t really the blog for you

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