It’s Basketball Season Baby!

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that it cannot be done.

“Worst style?” “Just go on the explore page. It’s like fishing with dynamite.” So hyped that The Bunt got the famous scientist, Charles Rivard PhD. on the show.

There’s no way you haven’t seen the new Mark Suciu part where the entire second half is him going off in New York, right? Five-trick line at Reggaeton with a nollie cab noseblunt, the front 3 switch back lip at JFK, etc. Wow.

Another raw files installment from the year’s best trip to New York edit is live: Arizona Iced Tea v.s. the Dag Park hubba in midtown. You can feel the cold in your bones while watching the video.

Huf, Jenkem and the goat Jerry Mraz built a ledge on top of the Tiffany Banks in The Bronx!

“Sometimes we’ll be out skating and I’ll ask him if he can say something mean, because I grew up with an older brother, and nothing motivates you more than your older sibling just saying, ‘You fuckin’ idiot, just fuckin’ land it right here.'” Kristin Ebeling has a very sick interview up on Thrasher.

“I 360 flipped off the porch, smoked weed, probably popped the tag, fixed their driveway, and they still thought I was a cop.” Lurker Lou spoke to Ian Browning about going on missions to find skate spots in New York for Village Psychic’s “Rules of Skateboarding” series.

“But the quiet expansion of the ‘adulting’ trend and a handful of recent clips suggest a kinder, gentler approach to spots as skateboarding collectively pauses to take a hard look at the origins and effects of its decades of antisocialisms, real or postured.” Boil the Ocean explores the increasing lightfootedness of today’s skateboarders.

Ryan Lee told the story of Cyrus’ back tail backside flip on Blubba for Heckride’s “B-Roll” feature.

James Cruickshank dropped a Milan edit that’s full of offcuts from Supreme’s “STALLION” video. Ruben’s got the ender section ♥

Place got a lil’ background story on Duplex’s “FIVE-SIX-ONE” video.

ICYMI: NY Mag‘s real-estate publication, Curbed, covered the A.V.E. green bench saga.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Rose to Obi over Pritchard. So sick that literal season opener basketball feels like Game 6 in the second round of the playoffs heart attack level. Why’d we reinstate the Sports Desk again? We’re supposed to do this through June?!

Quote of the Week: “You gotta do Quartersnacks weed once, at least for free.” — Sean Kinney


  1. the suspense of not knowing whether suciu or tom knox is #1 on top 10 for another four days is killing me

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