After Church Incredible Hulk

Photo by Colin Sussingham

The New York Times has a profile of Alexis Sablone and her most-frequented haunts around New York City — everything from bookstores to skate spots.

“It all started because most of the tricks I wanted to film, no filmer got too excited about filming them; the level was not high enough and some tricks didn’t make much sense.” Didn’t see this get posted around nearly as much as it should be: Our boy Ruben Spelta has a new, mostly self-filmed, vignetted, and very awesome part for Magenta that was inspired by Krooked’s Gnar Gnar video.

A ~minute of new Jake Johnson footage? Baby I’m ready to go 🎶

Angel and the Papi Brand dudes from out of The Bronx went to S.F. and came back with this nine-minute edit.

Skate Jawn has the premiere of Travis Cooper’s Mainline video + an interview with him about the process behind it. Heavy on the Jersey footage ♥

There’s a solid batch of New York clips in Spencer Semien’s Skate Juice 3 part, including an ender on the Chinatown Manny Pad that maybe is the one manual trick that hadn’t been done there ;)

Thrasher shared the raw files behind Brad Cromer’s mostly New York “Half Moon” part.

Seems like there’s been a slight uptick in Brooklyn Museum + nearby library coverage as of late. See Steve Gryszel’s new Village Psychic part for continued developments.

“You issued an NFT of your last 540 ollie. How did that go?” Skate interviews in 2021 are wild. The Slam City Skates blog has a nerdy longform interview with some guy named Tony Hawk.

Chocolate announced its formal induction of Jordan Trahan to its pro ranks by taking a trip to Costa Rica with Carl Aikens, Erik Herrera, et al.

“You know that ten rail?” “No, that’s an eight rail, dog.” Pocket smoked cuban cigars with P-Rod for a day.

“And yet the media arms race so far has overlooked the D3’s real and decisive role in skateboarding culture. Beyond the double-kick deck, urethane wheel and cut-off jean hem, few products have proven as pivotal as the D3. The excess it represented served as a sort of conceptual rock bottom for the overengineered puffy tongue era, setting the stage for the resulting simple-shoe renaissance that followed in the mid-2000s.” Boil the Ocean offers up a treatment for D3: The Movie.

Quote of the Week: “I’ve never been anywhere in New York twice; this is the only place I’ve ever been twice.” — Overheard Girl At Twins

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